Bungie officially unveil Halo: Reach Standard, Limited and Legendary editions

Following the rumoured information yesterday regarding Halo: Reach receiving the Standard, Limited and Legendary editions that Halo 3 did, Bungie have today officially unveiled that such information is indeed true – even including pictures for fans to drool a little over.

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raiden_933103d ago

Looks good. I don't know if I'm enough of a fan to go and buy the Legendary version but the Limited Edition is tempting.

Seedhouse3103d ago

I'm going to be all over the Legendary edition, lol!

AcesHigh2913103d ago

Legendary for me as well!

wotta3103d ago

May get Legendary for my son, depends how much it costs.

AcesHigh2913103d ago


I doubt there is any way it could be more than the Halo 3 Legendary Edition, which was $130 I think.

Kal11383103d ago

LOL. Someone disagreed with all of you guys. Probably some Halo hater.

Anyway...I got the Legendary Edition for Halo 3. If I have money to spend when the game releases, then I'll definitely get the Legen...wait for it...dary Edition again :P

edgeofblade3103d ago

Hummm... don't know about that Legendary edition. It costs even more than the H3 L-ed. But I'm sold on the middle-tier collectors ed at least.

BloodyCHAMP3103d ago

definitly legendary, loooks tooooo sick

Raptura3103d ago

The Halo 3 Legendary Edition was a HUGE failure, why would this time around be any different? :S

Bnet3433103d ago

I actually like the Legendary Edition's statue thing. That would look great on my desk, but I don't know if I am ready to buy a $100+ game. I'm sort of a cheap ass. I'll probably get Limited Edition. Good luck to everyone who is getting it.

2cents3103d ago (Edited 3103d ago )

Legendary Edition pre-order placed! Woo Hoo!
For those that were wondering, the price in the uk is £94.99 ouch! From GAME website. Oh and free express delivery

SixZeroFour3103d ago (Edited 3103d ago )

this is for collectors and huge halo fans...considering that these are 5 mcfarlane 10inch action figures and weigh about 10 pounds, for 70 bucks, its actually a good deal...i say 70, cause apart from the action figures, its just a limited edition and that cost 80, so 150-80=70

but again, its not for everyone, just really big fans or mcfarlane/halo action figure a big fan of halo, so im picking it up

EDIT : to fix pricing error

WildArmed3103d ago

I got the limited edition last time.
Might go w/ the standard this time around.
There are just too many good games coming out for me to spend 1 dollar more than i have to play a game.

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Michael-Jackson3103d ago

576P version? oh wait that's the standard edition.

BloodyCHAMP3103d ago

jakson broo do u need a girl friend?? or a boy friend maybe??? u seriously need to get a life ASAP....commenting on every 360 article as if you work for sony....grow up u look like a little kid

Omega43103d ago

Got legendary last time and will definitely get it again if its £70

criticalkare3103d ago

If legendary cost more than 130 than I have to think about :P

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