Yamauchi On Putting Top Gear Into Gran Turismo 5

PushSquare: "Gran Turismo's mastermind, Kazunori Yamauchi, has explained why he wanted to put the infamous Top Gear test track into the upcoming GT5."

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Dylantalon13154d ago

the real driving simulator . i cant wait

Jamie Foxx3154d ago

They do lots of humour,tests,challenges,get to drive the newest cars and protoypes,and have celebrity guests who take part in driving around the 'test gear track'...basically the show is amazing.a real programme for petrol heads

Omg I would love the top gear track to be in gt5 that would make it GOTY for me,see if I can beat those celebrities ;)

Dark_Overlord3154d ago

but top gear is a show well worth watching, just for the humour. Clarkson is hilarious :D

Karum3154d ago

I love the show and can't wait to have a go at the track when the game is out!

ian723154d ago

Having the Top Gear track is great. Will try and beat the STIG's times in all those powerful cars. It should be hard to beat his times as he is very good.

nefertis3154d ago

Top Gear is awesome, my favorite episode is when the F1 Mclaren was racing against the bugatti epic match.

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