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One of the ongoing stories of this current console generation is Japanese publishers attempting to tailor their games to the ever-expanding western market in search of the sales needed to stay profitable. In Japan, Nier comes in two varieties: the PS3's Replicant features a more youthful, slimline avatar, while the Xbox 360's Gestalt is identical to the single and suffix-free western version

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captain-obvious3738d ago (Edited 3738d ago )

wait wait
first of all what i know (not sure)

but what i know is there is 2 different versions
one of them is on the PS3 the other one is on the 360
both versions are exclusive to each console

im i right ??

Lucreto3738d ago

Yes there are two versions but just in Japan.

Nier Replicant is exclusive to the PS3 and Nier Gestalt is exclusive to the 360.

In the EU and US we get Nier Gestalt on both PS3 and 360 under just the name Nier.

SpoonyRedMage3738d ago

They're exactly the same game though, with just a different design for the main characters and the plot tweaked.

DOMination3738d ago

Nier Replicant is exclusive to PS3 in Japan
Nier Gestalt is on BOTH 360 and PS3 in Japan
Outside of Japan, Nier Gestalt is just called Nier because they know there is no point point releasing Replicant, especially only on PS3.

Noctis Aftermath3737d ago

@DOMination: no they don't "know" it's pointless, they 'think' it's pointless, but the way the reviews have gone so far it might of been better if they didn't release either version in the west.

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RankFTW3738d ago

I'm well pissed atm, had this game on order for PS3 for months now and it finally arrived this morning, I open the package and it's the 360 version inside, now I've gotta wait for my other order to arrive tomorrow >.<.

Marojado3738d ago

Based on the fact Square Enix kept pretty much radio silence on this title, I don't think anyone expected anything different.

Its a shame really, if they combined all their resources for their disappointing games into one title, it might actually be a good game. Whilst more titles will make them more money in the short term, they're pretty much running a false economy. People will stop buying their games.

wollie3738d ago

6 from eurogamer is pretty average. actually reading the review made this sound like a good game. might pick it up after the price drops a bit.

Bigpappy3738d ago

Square try to make the game a bit more mature and gory to appeal to the west. Eurogamer seems insulted by that, as it is profiling the western gamer. I think square made the right choice. It will help the game in the west, if the gameplay was already solid that is.

Meryl3738d ago

maybe i will rent this game, I do not trust reviewer's on these kind's of games anymore.

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