Darksiders And Kotaku: The Liars Guide

The GamesjounaLOList writes:

The story of what happens when a high profile blog pulls a "Jim Sterling" and gets away with it clean. Instead of reviewing Darksiders fairly, Kotaku don't even play more than half the game.

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Chris3993104d ago

Say what you want about N4G. We have our hordes of ravenous fanboys, but at least all the bullsh!t is out on the table here.

Kotaku is little more than a haven for elitist as$holes.

thegamesjournalolist3104d ago

It's bad journalism. Take the money for the THQ advertising, review the game...or in this case say you do.

thegamesjournalolist3104d ago

Completely and absolutely agree.

Luke Plunkett is the absolute worst member of staff on any blog. His review of FIFA is also shambolic, he played it enough for a measly 70 gamerpoints - which were rewarded for "visiting the online store" "play practise mode" "create a player" and "score 5 goals in a kickabout"

Pathetic. I'm surprised his Editor in Chief/Deputy EIC even allow this sh1t to fly.

thegamesjournalolist3104d ago

The truth hurts. It's not my intention to hurt Kotaku specifically just tell the truth.

I wonder if this counts as "insubordination"