Runes of Magic Chapter III – Complete Background Lore

Frogster has given IncGamers an exclusive look at the background history of Runes of Magic's upcoming chapter III, The Elder Kingdoms.

"Before the 'Great Banishment' Kalume, the king of the Humans, and Antaikolon, the king of the Elves, collected all the armies and forces at their disposal to fight the treacherous Demons. After a fierce battle which cost many humans and elves their lives the alliance managed to bring about the Great Banishment and dispel the Demons which finally brought peace back to the world."

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Maticus3106d ago

The lore in this game is incredible, considering it's a F2P title.

Leord3106d ago

Nice to see they spend a lot of energy on the backstory.

Fyzzu3106d ago

That's... surprisingly in-depth.