Bungie release new 360 degree Halo: Reach shot, "Invasion Showdown"

The Lost Gamer writes:

Bungie have released a second 360 degree turnaround shot from Halo: Reach, following the aerial assassination that they presented last week. Entitled "Invasion Showdown," we find a Spartan going head to head with an Elite as chaos and explosions echo around him.

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Gamer7l3104d ago

If you want to see the REAL THING, grab it off MUCH better resolution than this Youtube crap.

xXRight3yeXx3104d ago

Getting this for my birthday from gf!!

rodeoo3104d ago

First off you stop kidding yourself..You dont have a girlfriend secondly this doesn't come out for a year

darkgunner3104d ago

Someone's a bit jealous, touchy much?

And it comes out in the Fall, THIS year.

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