'Huge changes at Infinity Ward'

Infinity Ward will undergo significant change in the wake of ex-staffers' bitter legal row with Activision, an insider claims.

Activision media manager Dan Amrich says that the ongoing legal row – pitting ex-studio heads Zampella and West against the publisher – will spur a revolution at the Modern Warfare studio.

"IW still exists," he said. "[Though] obviously its identity and company culture are going to go through huge changes in the coming months and years."

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Umbrella Corp3127d ago

Theres still an Infinity Ward?

evrfighter3127d ago

Infinity Ward is dead. only the uninformed which is about 90% of CoD players don't know what happened.

there's still money to be made off the IW name and can probably pull a profit with at least 1 more game. Once the name has outlived its usefulness. Activision will pull the plug.

GrieverSoul3127d ago

IW has lost his heart and soul.

Only its the name lives on. This will be enough to milk the franchise for 2, maybe 3 years more. After that its EA´s past all over again. When the competition stepped up for EA they knew they had to change. When FIFA was overshadowed by PES, Medal of Honor vs Call of Duty and NFS vs burnout, EA changed their strategy. They started to develop new IPs and stopped the milking.

Doesnt matter how good the cow and its milk is, if continuously and progressively faster milk it, it will eventually lose its quality.

for the uninformed CoD community (i agree with 1.1) it must be 90%, these will become over the next 2 years tired of these rushed products and move on to the next big thing.

We (me) harcore gamers might not be the target demoghaphic right now in the video games industry (thanks WII for that) but we are the ones that stick and promote by word of mouth the games and the systems. I was the one that brought a PS3 in my frinds circle. After they came in contact with it in my home, they bought it too. Call of duty was the same thing. They only would play some big name games but when Modern Warfare came out and they saw me playing online they got hooked.

AAACE53127d ago

I've noticed that over the past few days the number of MW 2 players have decreased. The number of people playing that Map pack are a joke with only around 2,000-3,000 actually playing it at any given time! Glad I didn't buy it!

I feel this might be the end of the CoD franchise. Well except for those who liked that Zombie stuff from the other one. Treyarch will probably be mainly responsible for the franchise and we've seen what they did with the Tony Hawk franchise. I think they will make Treyarch and IW merge into one studio!

Rip CoD... I'll miss you!

Baka-akaB3127d ago

Huges changes ? well duh you are loosing every key staff

frankymv3127d ago

I highly doubt that future CoD games will ever be the same.

FantasyStar3127d ago

In MW's sense yeah. But the CoD that Treyarch's cooking up looks to send us back to IW's twilight years when they made really good WW2 shooters. CoD:WaW pleasantly surprised me for the better. I'm anxious to see what's going to happen with the next CoD.

kingme713127d ago

Activision media manager Dan Amrich says
"IW still exists,[Though] obviously its identity and company culture are going to go through huge changes in the coming months and years.
We will be increasing the number of CoD titles from 3 this year to 12 in 2011. QA and testing of the product will be dropped to facilitate the release of this admittedly aggressive schedule, but CoD sells and as Bobby Kotick says, if you can't milk your IP for all its worth, then get the hell out of my office. I'd also like to thank West and Zampella for 'leaving' so abruptly. This mahogany desk suits me well and oh btw, you guys left 30 million in one of the drawers... Cha Ching!”

SKUD3127d ago

Good luck with ALL that there.