'More will leave Infinity Ward' - Activision

CVG: Activision has admitted that more Infinity Ward employees will "probably" leave the studio - and may even join West/Zampella outfit Respawn.

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4lc4pon34115d ago

Activision are nothing but control Freaks who basicly tell you what you can and cannot do. What I would do is wait till I got my Bonus then Leave.

I hope Respawn does its thing. I see The Call of duty series in the Future going downhill. Im not a fan of the COD series anymore after MW2. I feel COD is getting old and the name is being Milked to death.

The Idea of 3 NEW COD's at the end of 2011 is a terrible idea. They couldnt do things right with MW2, Glitches, Boosters, Knifing + Duel Shotty's are broken, the single player's GFX were very poor, Single player story was short and made no sense.

I see the end is near.

Thump19674115d ago

Its a shame when Activision are letting top notch programmers get away.I hope respawn makes the game that will knock Activision boots off