Kojima's "Confidential Project" might have ideas that are industry's first

From Kojima's twitter feed "I walked around the area where the "Confidential Project" is taking place. All of a sudden I realized something fell through the cracks. Going back to my office to brainstorm. I want to think of an idea that would be an industry first."

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hay3127d ago

I want you to want to think of an idea that would be an industry first.

In short: Go for it!

NateNater3127d ago

It's about time the industry got some fresh ideas.

Calm Down Sunshine3127d ago

A game without guns?
...Uh oh...

mp12893127d ago

mirror's edge, think harder

Maldread3127d ago

There are guns in Mirror`s Edge. Which you can use as well. But i get your point ;)

NateNater3127d ago

*Sigh* Games without guns... Any Mario or Zelda game, LittleBigPlanet, Gran Turismo, and I'm too lazy to list anymore but the list goes on.

3127d ago
frankymv3127d ago

MGS Peace Walker 2 exclusive to PS3

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