Microsoft Reveal New Xbox 360 Bundle for Japan

It's widely accepted that the Xbox 360's performance in Japan is somewhat lack lustre, but as with the original Xbox system, it's not for a lack of trying. Microsoft's latest effort to influence gamers in the Land of the Rising Sun has been revealed this morning, adding two games to an already high value package.

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FangBlade3100d ago (Edited 3100d ago )

They just wont give up.

kevco333100d ago

They never gave-up on the orginal Xbox - did you really think the 360 would be any different?!

AAACE53100d ago (Edited 3100d ago )

MS trying to break into japan is like trying to break through a brick wall with a paperclip. They are moving slow about it, but they are making some progress, even though very little.

That's a good bundle though! I wouldn't be surprised if it sold a few with Bayonetta and Forza 3.

cereal_killa3100d ago

did you forget to add a sarcasm tag after that. M$ abandoned the Xbox and barely anyone in Japan even bought the original one.

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STK0263100d ago

Of course they won't stop, it's all part of a long term plan. With video games consoles, brand loyalty means a lot. When the PS3 launched, it didn't have great value, it didn't have the great games it has now, it didn't have a good online component, it didn't offer most services it offers today, heck, it didn't have rumble! All it had was the PlayStation brand name and some nifty CGI trailers of future games, yet, it still managed to move units.

Microsoft probably thinks it will stay in the console market for at least one or two other generations, and that in the long run, if they continue their offensive on Japanese soil, they'll one day be able to get some brand recognition, maybe not to the point of selling them anything at any given price, but at least to the point of being able to sell a good console if it is priced accordingly.

Redrum0593100d ago

i guess they want like,,, 5 more consoles sold per month. lol

darthv723100d ago

the little console that could is still trying to climb mount fuji. Will it ever make it over?

Keeping placement in japan shows they are backing the unit. Pulling the plug shows no faith. JP culture is all about honor and MS is really doing an honorable thing by continuing to support it.

Hotel_Moscow3100d ago

wtf honor

youve been watching to much tv

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Halo3 MLG Pro3100d ago

Just release a bundle with a game that allows you to rape school girls. It will sell millions. Damn perverts.

cyborg69713100d ago (Edited 3100d ago )

The trouble is the little school girls are the only ones that play on a 360. And I don't think that they wanna play a game about themselves.

@below. Yes I forgot to mention that those people are the second of two types of players that play on the 360. Thanks for reminding me.

Foxgod3100d ago

Cyborg forgot to mention that those little schoolgirls are actually full grown man wearing a sailor suit school outfit, that dry hump giant pillows, while wearing diapers, and would love to roleplay a school girl that gets raped.

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commodore643100d ago (Edited 3100d ago )

Let's face it.
The Japanese have weird habits

You listening, MS?
You need tentacles to succeed in Japan, dammit!

Hotel_Moscow3100d ago

its not the little school girls with games like dream c club which is the best game to come out on 360 ever

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Foxgod3100d ago

360 needs more of those low budget funky japanese only exclusives.
Stuff like: Robo banzaiii popoken kotetsu rararatouko shin yoku yatta!

Ps3 got loads of these weird japanese exclusives that only release in japan, and they sell like crack over there.

Whenever the 360 got one, like Hokuto no Ken, its also available on the ps3, that doesnt help the 360 its cause.

eggbert3099d ago

actually did land some pretty big timed exclusives in Japan.

Their first big timed exclusive sold very well (for the 360), but when everyone found out it was a timed "exclusive" they just waited for the PS3 version to come out.

Tales of Vesperia etc.

Mo0eY3100d ago

Microsoft doesn't get it: The Japanese buy quality - M$ is sh!t. Nuff said.

commodore643100d ago (Edited 3100d ago )

PS2 read error
Exploding Sony laptop batteries

Nuff said.

playstation_clan3100d ago

xbox 360 RROD
xbox 360 disk scratches
windows vista
surface PC (yes i went there)

nuff said huh?

commodore643099d ago

butthurt much?

nuff said.

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