BBC reveals Doctor Who: The Adventure Games - City of the Daleks episode

The BBC has announced that the first Doctor Who: The Adventure Games episode will be called "City of the Daleks". This episode will be first of four new adventures which will be available on the PC. City of the Daleks will be free to download on 5th June, 2010.

The TARDIS materializes in 1963 – and London is in ruins. The Daleks have seized control of time and the only chance of saving Earth lies in a desperate quest to Skaro, the Daleks' home planet – before time catches up with Amy, the last survivor of the human race.

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Redempteur4115d ago

it looks intresting ... and it's free .Well awesome

Darkstorn4114d ago

Yeah. I'm one of the few Americans who knows anything about Doctor Who, and I'm a fan of the series, but I'm still skeptical about this game.