BitBag: Rantasaurus: Good Morning America Edition

Torrence Davis from addresses all of the HipHopGamer hate, the death of guru and BFBC2 noobs in Rantasaurus: Good Morning America Edition

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player-13100d ago

You just summed up what every HHG fan was thinking.

Chubear3100d ago (Edited 3100d ago )

That headline is wrong. It should have read - An introduction to: How to conduct your pwnage.


Have to say though, for people who leave these kinds of comments

"Crap, HHG got me again. I didn't know it was his vid"
"I watch 10seconds of the vid and stopped watching"

The HHGS has been on for 2 yrs now every Sunday. It often always shows the source to be from "" ; but for some reason you are forced and "fooled" into watching the vids EVERY Sunday and commenting on the N4G AND continuously.... EVERY WEEK.

Give it up, nobody believes you made multiple comments and didn't watch the vids. Nobody believe you didn't see the source of the vid. You make yourself look idiotic when you do that. You don't have to like him to watch the show you know.. well, I guess you DO know lol

captain-obvious3100d ago


stop this BS
gaming community dose NOT need HHG or any other crappy " journalist" like him

i say HHG should be stopped right here right now

spandexxking3100d ago

HHG V2.0 telling me to stop hating HHG V1.0
HAHAHA i dont think so tim

Delive3100d ago

Some people appear to be more affixed with who he is, how he talks, and where he is from than what he is saying. Unfortunately, his presentation needs a little work. He says things that usually come off the wrong way. Then once he explains what he meant, it makes more sense (The Bungee case). It's not even like you have to pass through his site or read his articles to access anything you do on the internet, your just going out of your way the follow him and show your hate for everything he does. Sounds like a stalker to me. You'll see them posting below.

Kurylo3d3100d ago (Edited 3100d ago )

u guys are jealous as hell..

U know something , hip hop gamer is being invited to all the game shows... being invited to behind the scenes events... being invited by developers personally. Obviously it really dont matter if u dont like him, cause the devs do. The devs respect him.

My theory is that you people hate on him because he has his own culture that is different then yours. You dislike his culture and think its inferior. Which shows your own ignorance and shows that you are inferior.

I want to hear a response to my comment. What do u have to say about that? Because it makes sense. At the end of the day you hate him cause hes black and loves hip hop culture. You should take a long look at yourself and question why exactly you hate a man whose successful at doing his own thing the way he wants to do it.

Do you hate on the japanese for bowing to each other? Do you hate on G4 tv for having the dorkiest people presenting video games shows? Apparently u dont speak up if u do. You have a problem with his culture.

darthv723100d ago

i hate his flamboyant articles that are all fluff no substance. He has equated himself to being the enquirer of gaming journalism. He is not alone in that as there are many other sites and gamer/journalists that stoop to flaimbait titles and opinionated pieces with misquoted dialog they claim to be exact.

He doesnt need defending in this. He should stand and face the music. Torrance...dont turn into the "leave hip hop gamer alone" guy. If you do then I expect to see a youtube vid soon.

Mr_Bun3100d ago (Edited 3100d ago )

My only wish is that N4G labels EVERY article of his in the title so that I know to avoid it.


I like HHG, I find him more entertaining and passionate about gaming than 95% of gaming's presenters(?). I think half the people hate him because some of his stuff is considered flame bait. The other half dislike him for being into HipHop or speaking in that manner. I notice folks don't speak ill of most of these other people who think they're Van Halen or something. In other words, the other websites and the people on those websites are boring as F*CK!!! Especially when there is a drought of gaming news....

Dee_913100d ago

I havent seen it.. but then again i haven really watch his older videos
I just see him giving respect where respect is due and if he see BS he call it out.
And I asked a few people to show me exactly where his flamebait articles and his poor journalism is... havent got nothing yet
Every journalist give their opinion in their articles ... so that doesent make him a poor journalist
Might as well call all the journalist on CNN wack too

Sarcasm3100d ago (Edited 3100d ago )

I don't Hate hiphopgamer, no... No quabbles with that guy. Torrence Davis however, I really dislike. He's an arrogant self-loving Mr. I'm-So-Better-Than-Everyone-Be cause-I-Run-A-Gaming-Website D-Bag. Although I agree the HHG hate needs to stop. It's getting OLD. The Man is upcoming regardless of what you think.

ape0073100d ago (Edited 3100d ago )

althought there are things that I disagree on with hhg (respectful disagreement), hhg really got something special that no body have, he have the true gamer spirit and passion, he made tons and tons of amazing interviews with developers, he's always nice and good person

N here's a thing, N4g users (not all) are some of the most pathetic guys I've ever seen in my entire life, their arguments are totally non-rational, bs comments everywhere, blocked mindes fight with blocked mindes, you know when I visited the gamespot forums, I saw a thread of someone wrote "what is better to own ps3 or 360", a huge number of comments were positive and honest, only few fanboyish ones

the concept of is amazing, the site(itself) is wonderful but these little insecure pathetic ignorant cry babies have ruined it

Arkham3100d ago

"U know something , hip hop gamer is being invited to all the game shows... being invited to behind the scenes events... being invited by developers personally."

Similarly, do you know who else is invited to a lot of media events, television shows, interviews, movie openings, etc?

Carrot Top.

-Alpha3100d ago (Edited 3100d ago )

Just because he always over-exaggerates a game or topic or gets really excited doesn't make him anymore "passionate" than any other gamer. I've seen a lot of "passionate" gamers, just because he dances to his theme entrance or talks charismatically doesn't make him any more passionate.

I don't mind HHG, but he has to sensationalize to get to the top. Problem is, everybody does it, but he does it a lot more. How about instead of asking us to stop hating he stops purposely making flamebait titles and purposely misleading people? People who seem to follow him seem not to understand why people dislike him. Maybe you should Stop hating on the haters, especially when they bring good points to the table

It's a bit ridiculous to stop asking people to hate or dislike someone as if he has to be loved by a lot or many. Everybody has their haters. I have mine, the person reading this comment has his/her, and so does HHG. He has more because he's more popularly known, so deal with it. And don't expect haters to turn a blind eye to what he does.


There's a saying that goes: "In the land of the blind the one eyed man is King"

"Haters" bring legit arguments to why HHG is hated. Some will be total racist tools, others will bring very valid arguments.
Look at Comment #7 by rosdowser for example. Or Baka-Akab in comment #6. Legit reasons that his "fans" would never admit to. He's been proven to lie, exaggerate and mislead, and no matter who you are you get a backlash for that. Stop playing victim. I find HHG to be unprofessional and he has no integrity at all. If you have to lie to get to the top then it seems you are really not passionate about this industry as you are passionate about simply getting to the top of the industry. And HHG has been proven to do that.

You can't expect people to not have an opinion on HHG regardless of if they like him. Also, you can't expect him to live in a world where all his fans sheepishly follow and praise him. People who disagree are quickly branded as haters even though they may bring legitimate points that HHG can learn from. I'm not saying all hate is needed, but HHG is no Saint.


Agree Mr Bun just tag anything from HHG with a ignore feature with a logo of a skull and crossbones.

iFLOWLIKEWATER3100d ago (Edited 3100d ago )

The haters of HHG are not needed...period. If they know its him, why not avoid him? It makes no sense to me. The information he tells people I'm sure, are for his fans. The same people who hate him are the same people who complain in the comment sections of HHG's articles each and every time. They're idiots!

Its pathetic that the people who disagree or haters or whatever, feel like they need to convince other people to not like HHG. Is HHG speaking negatively about something in gaming that everyone would consider a lie? The only thing I've seen remotely close to this is the semi-flamebait titles.

Me personally, I don't like rumors and I don't get my hopes up in dealing with them, but that isn't the meat of what HHG presents with his shows. And when it is a rumor, the guy labels it as such. I think most of you all really can't fathom the guy having a favorite console but at the same time tries to be neutral. Especially on N4G...

FanboyAttack3100d ago

Noone cares about you! Go away.


Lets not avoid the fact that for HHG, the people who disagree with him are more than likely the "haters". The lines are getting blurry. HHG is a breath of fresh air in my opinion. Look at all these other websites and what they do. Its practically all the same regurgitated news...if that, nowadays my favorite websites have now turned into ad-sites. Lets not forget what this is all games!

Darrius Cole3100d ago

HipHopGamer is doing EVERYTHING RIGHT. I mean that.

People hate him because he doesn't run from hip hop culture but rather embraces it, and he is good at what he does anyway.

But it doesn't matter to him why people hate him or love, nor does it matter WHETHER people love him or hate him. All the matters is THAT people either love him or hate him. People are passionate in their opinion of him. And that is a win for HHG.

WinterWolf3100d ago

At the risk of getting dislikes and getting bubbles taken away, I have to say that I don't have a problem with HipHopGamer. I understand that he may not always be 100% accurate about some of the stuff he says but even professional game analysts are wrong many times. If you think HHG is purposefully trying to deceive gamers, you are simply wrong. But if you are new to the internet in general, 1. let me be the first to welcome you and 2. not everything you find on the internet is true.

I think most people will agree that most of the users on N4G are pretty stupid. And it is the fanboys and the haters that make N4G look bad. We all know fanboys don't stay in their zone. If you genuinely disagree with HHG than write something more cohesive and more thought out than "Crap, HHG got me again. I didn't know it was his vid" as Chubear mentioned above. I think it is also a little hypocritical that that some news stories are praised and make it to the top of N4G come from some random forum and people cannot accept other blogs and other sources, solely based on whether fanboys will agree with the articles or not.

And as mentioned before, if you don't like HHG, don't watch it. I think HHG is a credit to the industry. He did do the tour of Santa Monica studios and has brought info that others haven't. Some of it which was good. If it was all BS then he would have never made it as far as he has in terms of success (being able to talk with devs, studios, executives, and go to other events). If other bloggers think they can do better, please go ahead, I would love to see a constant flow of new and more accurate information coming from different competing sources.

Dee_913100d ago

Flamebait ?
Poor jounalism ?

@ Alpha The fact that there are wayy more terrible journalist out there that ACTUALLY only make flambait article is the reason " HHG FANS hate the haters"
You keep saying HHG fans should understand the haters because they bring up good points... They bringing up BS points that have no proof

Real flamebait articles are ones that compare crysis to kz2 and halo
or articles titled "Why Bad Company 2 is Better Than Modern Warfare 2'

And whats wrong with hyping people up for a game? really

This was the first time i saw everybody hate for hhg

Because everybody went off the title and not what he actually said
fanboys got hurt and started seeing red .. and saw the author and went off on him

And saying he a poor journalist just because of the way he talks ?
thats beyond ignorant


Keep doing what you do HHG! The overall package of what you bring to gaming is unique and I love it. Nobody is perfect and you should ignore all these people that have their panties in a bunch. They're losers anyway!!!

evrfighter3100d ago

If there was an option to filter anything from the HHG site. His articles would be as dead as the "Around Azeroth's"

I have been fooled a few times into clicking his article. Right here and now I would filter anything from his .com site if I had the option.

UnwanteDreamz3100d ago (Edited 3100d ago )

I say if HipHopGamers groupies can come comment in here about how awesome he is and how they wish they were him. They come comment to "haters" and think only thier opinions have a right to be heard.

Then people who don't like the guy and think he is a hack should be able to say so. Let me explain something to the children on this site.

People will not always agree with your opinions, but they have every right in the world to dislike something and be vocal about it. Please explain to me why HipHopGamer should get a free pass when no one else does?

You a bunch a little kids with hero worship if you ask me.

BTW calling a persons opinion "Hate" because it doesn't fall in line with your own is ignorant and juvenile.

Torrence is just cashing in on HHG's "hate" attention. I see through your BS man.

MEsoJD3100d ago

But really. Why doesn't he put (HHG) in his outrageous titles??? So you

know what your getting. I guarantee you the comments would drop

considerably. He deserves all the hate hes getting because he is not a

respectable game journalist. Instead of having some integrity, he takes

the fast easy way of getting hits by stretching the truth and putting

words in game developers mouths. You may say why comment if you hate

him? I say he puts (HHG)in his titles so I would know to stay clear.

Lifendz3100d ago (Edited 3100d ago )

First of all, man up. That goes to both Tor and HHG. If it's that bad on N4G then leave. No one is forcing you to use N4G or read what people post! While we're talking about reading posts, you always say that people shouldn't read HHG stories or watch his videos if they hate him, right? Well the same goes for you two. If you can't stand the hate then don't read what people write. Again, you wouldn't see any N4G hate at all if you didn't use N4G. And if someone submits your story on here, the result is still the same: you don't have to come to N4G and read what people write.

Second, this is what happens when you use this site and people disagree with you. They have the ability to voice their opinion in the comments section. Granted, no one receives as much criticism or hate as HHG, but no one has a track record with flamebait headlines and outlandish titles like HHG. In a way I thought he got off on the whole N4G hating him. In fact, I almost know he does. Bad publicity is still publicity, right?

Third, the fact that you're alluding to how much you want to beat some people up for what they write on the internet is really pathetic. You're a grown @$$ man talking about wanting to beat up people on the internet! If it's that serious then maybe you should block yourself from N4G. I thought Tor Davis was supposed to represent a positive image for Black journalists in gaming. Instead you're acting like a sterotype by resorting to threats and violence to handle your disputes.

Tor and HHG CONSTANTLY talk about how effed up N4G is yet if it wasn't for N4G the majority of people wouldn't know who they are. I wouldn't. Yeah this place isn't perfect but neither is any website. HHG, you're reputation is a product of your own actions. You wrote the headlines, the stories, and you made the videos. No one misrepresented you. It sucks to see a young Black man catching so much flak but in the end it's all a product of your actions. Either deal with it or make the necessary steps to improve your image.

bacon133100d ago

LOL, I just got a funny image in my head of that gay Britanny Spears kid hiding under a blanket crying "Leave HHG ALONE! Leave him alone!"

ThanatosDMC3100d ago

We're entitled to our opinions arent we?

Elimin83100d ago

I would say Dislike.. Hate is too strong a word to use in this case....

Mr Pumblechook3100d ago (Edited 3100d ago )

I'm happy that content producers like T.D. can now choose to prevent N4G from embedding their videos. It's not that I don't love N4G, it's just that if websites & blogs go to the trouble of creating content, they should at least be rewarded with the page hits.

Torrence Davis you are one fat man. Lose some weight and you will get more mileage out of your body. Do it for the people that love you. Do it for your family.

The Lazy One3100d ago

I want to say that HHG hate has nothing to do with race. It has to do with ethics. He presents his opinions as facts with very little research himself. At his current status, he owes it to the industry to at least put in effort, and it's his lack of effort to actually source his articles or misquote people to get more hits that are the reason for the hate.

It's one thing to say something that's wrong and say it's your opinion. When you present a wrong opinion as a fact being a professional journalist you deserve the heat.

Of course people hate because their jealous. People willing to put work into actually presenting legitimate articles aren't given half the opportunities that a video game media whore is getting on a daily basis. He gets opportunities to interview high level game developers about top secret projects and walkthroughs of studios and he can't even respect the industry that's treating him so well.

PS: I don't watch HHG vidicles because of the above reasons.

Sheikh Yerbouti3100d ago

I don't know how I can avoid every single Destructoid article, while some idiots are magically drawn to that "awful Hip Hop Gamer". And when they do, they don't hit the back button. They are compelled to do it. I guess its Hip Hop Gamer's fault -- he's so tricky with those headlines.


I'm not defending HHG. He does do good work, but he does need direction. Torrence Davis does an admirable enough job as a friend, but HHG is still fairly naive. I can tolerate that because even the adults on N4G are as naive as HHG sometimes.

Hill_billy3099d ago

They spend 25 to 50 percent of their time b1tching about other sites and fanboys. When you listen to the more professional sites you hear nothing about fanboy rants or how other sites stole their ideas. They keep that for more personal encounters with the individuals. When you listen to the BitBag podcast, you get about 25 percent gaming content and the rest is them talking about other stuff, or b1tching about something or some one.

8thnightvolley3099d ago

as fro me .. i dont hate the guy really i just hate his flamebait .. its just pure annoying and he flame baits on mostly rumours which makes it extra annoying.... and in terms of the industry u have to be very careful of ur choice of words coz it can alter what the original source was saying and this might have been the point where he pissed off bungie and insomniac ... so HHG i dont think u are hated u just need to be more careful how u throw words around.

deafwing3099d ago

- sigh -

anyways ... BFBC2 > MW2 hands down.

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sid4gamerfreak3100d ago (Edited 3100d ago )

"Stop All The Hate On Hiphopgamer"



as long as he contributes bs, I will go on hating him because ppl like him make the world more stupid....

ElementX3100d ago

I think you mean "more stupid" not "stupider"

player-13100d ago

A few of his "vidicles" have been pure flaimbait, but apart from them, I think he does a pretty damn good job. Not only that, he his entertaining too.

NewZealander3100d ago

yup hip-flop gamer lol :)

sorry but this guy is a retard, well he sounds like one anyway with all the bs that comes out of his mouth.

and please stop trying to rap, what are you a geeky 50 cent wannabe?

Sheikh Yerbouti3100d ago (Edited 3100d ago )

ElementX caught you. Guess who's on the back end of the IQ back curve?

@Player-1: I'm sure most who view HHG feel the same way.

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BeaArthur3100d ago

I believe the Hip Hop Gamer gave The God Father 2 a perfect score when he reviewed it. Enough said.

Bnet3433100d ago

He also gave Mass Effect 2 a 9.5 without going past level 10. Look at his Xbox 360 gamercard. The guy does not even play his games for more than 5 minutes lol. ML KionicWarlord (most respected N4G 360 fan) called him out on that, it was hilarious.

BeaArthur3100d ago

Yeah the dude is a total joke.

KionicWarlord2223100d ago you message kigmal .

Yes...hiphopgamer does this a lot .

GameGambits3100d ago

I've been hating on this dude ever since the first article it linked me to his joke of a site/article on N4G. Non stop BS, non stop flame articles, non stop terrible grammar, non stop terrible commentary, non stop um um um um yo like it's crazy um yo, STFU!

Guy is trash and anyone who supports him is an enabler of stupidity and ignorance.

He has been a PS3 fan boy LONG before he tried doing reviews for both systems and always goes out of his way to do stupid sh*t like give UC2 a 2039482030429 out of 10. Yeah great game, but hell if you can't even take your own score system seriously, then why should anyone else take what you say with a grain of salt ?

I wouldn't be surprised if he has never completed a game.

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Speed-Racer3100d ago

Torrence should not say anything before he gets dragged down in the HHG fail boat as well

BYE3100d ago (Edited 3100d ago )

Do you really think it matters to get dragged down by a couple of frustrated 12 year olds on N4G?

Speed-Racer3100d ago

Not on N4G alone, but if his podcast is geared to gamers, and devs are taking a stab at HHG, it still gets him a bad rep. Also many gamers across the web complain about HHG, not just on N4G.

BYE3100d ago

I see many people don't like him. Like many people don't like David Jaffe or Geoff Keighly, haters naturally come with being famous.

But saying he does nothing for the community is wrong. He has done a lot of interesting interviews.

Maybe he doesn't get much information out of people like Major Nelson or Stig Assmussen, but at least he's good at joking around with them to show us what kind of persons these guys are. In my opinion that's good enough to justify HHG's place in journalism.

Sheikh Yerbouti3100d ago

N4G commenters have a worse reputation than HHG.

Speed-Racer3099d ago

Honestly, he looks like a big douchebag on his video interviews. Im pretty sure all of them are like "god dammit, why is this guy talking to me"... yes I understand that he is bringing his culture to the gaming but he doesnt need to be so ghetto about it.

Im not trying to be racist or anything, im just saying he needs to do it in a more classy or professional way. I think Major Nelson actually played it cooler than him in the last interview.

I personally dont have hate for any of the big boys in the industry... they worked their way there so they deserve it... Jaffe I dont like much cause he does more talking than developing... thats all. Otherwise they earned their rep the proper way.

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Dark_Overlord3100d ago

I just can't stand the gangsta attitude, I fvcking detest any one that talks that way

ElementX3100d ago (Edited 3100d ago )

Posers, all of 'em. Trying to be cool but they all sound retarded. Don't even get me started on saggy pants! Hell, I like checking guys out, but give me a break!

solar3100d ago

dawg you be trippin'. fo shizzle.

Rip-Ridah3100d ago (Edited 3100d ago )

You guys are starting to sound ignorant now. What the hell is a "gangsta attitude?" Why must the man be judged by how he wears his pants or the style that he portrays? Detest someone for being an @ssh0le not for being different than what you may see as normal. That is what is wrong with society now: if a person is different or misunderstood they are labeled as an outcast.

"Posers, all of 'em. Trying to be cool but they all sound retarded. Don't even get me started on saggy pants!" What is a "poser" and who are "they" that are trying to be cool? What the hell is cool? You guys are taking this well beyond videogame content and info and personally attacking the man and many others. I come to N4G for videogame content. Enough with all the personal/cultural attacks. Save that $h!t for your meetings in the woods late night, not on this gaming site please.

*Edit* For the record, I am NOT a HHG supporter or fan. I also am not hellbent on seeing him ousted from the industry. I could care less. If you don't like something/someone...ignore it/them. Simple solution.

greatjimbo783100d ago

"Enough with all the personal/cultural attacks. Save that $h!t for your meetings in the woods late night, not on this gaming site please."

Oh the irony!

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