PS3 Firmware 3.30's Hidden Features

TSA Writes:

Last night's System Software Update, which takes the PlayStation 3 to version 3.30, didn't just add Trophy sorting and 3D support for games, it also updated the version of Flash used in the PS3's browser. Fans of sites like YouTube will now find that the PS3 is quite happy throwing around videos of Slow Loris' being tickled, or, you know, something great like our very own TSAtv.

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Hill_billy3737d ago

Sure wish Apple would take a listen tot his and do the same for their hardware.

rmatott3737d ago

@jamesgtaiv just give it a rest, cross game chat is soooo overrated, people always bring it up and its gotten really old to see people posting it all over the place

MorganX3737d ago

It's not overrated by the people who want it. And when/if it comes to the PS3 it'll be the best thing since the last feature added.

The superb chatting features is one of Live! biggest advantages and it will be welcome on the PS3. Jeez.

execution173737d ago

most of the games released are so awesome you don't need cross game chat to ruin your experience, and i doubt i would even use it unless you want to hear me cuss out (die lots)or talk to my gf?

Dee_913737d ago (Edited 3737d ago )

it would come in handy if you dont want to keep messaging a friend while racing or playing online.
but I dont need it that bad i can do without it

but i do want and need a new browser
after the last update its been freezin alot

darthv723737d ago

Ps3 updates the flash support while sites like youtube are switching over to html 5. The ps3 needs a new browser. Firefox or chrome. I would even settle for opera or safari.
I kid I kid. I welcome updated flash. But we could still have a better browser. Sony now needs to update the flash in the psp or give it html 5 support.

My phone supports youtube and my psp/go does not. WTF sony?

BannedForNineYears3737d ago

@First comment.
PS3 has had flash.
The update just improves it.

Sarcasm3737d ago

"You can now select [PC] as an option under [Remote Play Settings] > [Register Device]. When you select this option, you will be able to use the remote play feature to operate your PS3 system from future models of the VAIO PC."

OH SNAPPLE. Much better than the PSP remote play if you get to use a computer.


Is coming for the Premium PSN Service.

Stop whining.

zeeshan3737d ago

I am sure come E3, Sony fans will have a lot more to be excited about including XGC :)

3737d ago
mastiffchild3737d ago

Again with the desire for XGC-the worst thing about Live. It's this(and having to have a bloody avatar)that keeps me off Live atm-it ruins any game where teamwork's needed and, face it, isn't needed in any way. What, we can't wait five minutes and give someone the polite benefit of or full attention? Seriously, not only isn't it necessary but, also, it wrecks some games(TF2 for one)and, to me, borders on rude.

Keep PSN XGC free as far as I'm concerned.

FamilyGuy3737d ago

They FINALLY did something related to the browser.

Probably had to do with the fact that the browser can crash/freeze the system while surfing for reasons they may be related to this.

MastermindPS3603737d ago

i dont know man..sometimes we use XBL chat while playing on the ps3....weird...i guess its called have friends

ZombieNinjaPanda3737d ago

Okay seriously if cross game chat was implemented on Psn you guys wouldn't like it?

I would love to have a party chat set up where I'm talking to my friends playing a game. It's not that difficult to chat at the same time as playing, and being able to chat with multiple people while gaming would be great! Right now I use my cellphone and that's much more difficult than party chat, so I would greatly welcome it.

Rhythmattic3736d ago

Cajun Chicken


Btw, Great Soundtrack by Queen.

mastiffchild3736d ago

Mastermind-thanks for the inference hat because I dislike a feature I have no mates, classy of you. Actually, the problem is made worse as I have a lot of mates on Live. Thing is I prefer to be able to talk and game properly and the two don't ever mix that well. If I'm gaming with a team how is it fair to them for me to split my attention with another couple of mates playing something else? It isn't, and to me it's as bad the other way round as my friends deserve the courtesy of having my full attention.

Sure, if you're not playing a game where communication matters, or even playing similar games, it's not too bad but, still, what's the issue with waiting five minutes and having a proper chat? Honestly, XGC has ruined a few games(imagine the mess it could make of MAG!)for me from time to time and the biggest saving grace about it is that even while a few people make a lot of noise about the feature not nearly as many as you'd think actually use it very much. Hey, if you like it that's your right but, for some games, I just think it's a no-no and in general I don't think it leads to a good quality chat or good quality gaming-just my experience. Experience which I fail to see how I'd have got if I hadn't any mates to begin with!

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Close_Second3737d ago

...of the PS3 makes it feel old it would be the browser. They need to update the entire browser and not just enhance its flash support.

Why can't they strike a deal with Google and start using Chrome for f**k sake. I dont care if I have to run it as an app from the XMB but just give me a browser that doesn't feel like it was put together by a student as a free giveaway.

ApocalypseShadow3737d ago (Edited 3737d ago )

all ps3 fans are in agreement.

sometimes i wonder if the cell is being used to help the much as it crunches numbers,it should be able to enhance my surfing experience.

the browser freezes and i have to turn the system off.or i run out of memory.

a definite YES.then my system(OG60g(500g) will be complete.

nix3737d ago

the browser is as old as an old hag. it sputters and splatters but yeah.. it does work but only so much. Sony really needs to upgrade their browser because i browse from PS3. who wants to switch on a comp (which anyway takes longer time than PS3 to start) after working all day on a comp.

as for now, it won't tell me to "Go Update" everytime i want to see YouTube videos. great news!

thehitman3737d ago

Dont need a new browser they need better upgrade support of flash etc. If there was a way to go to flash sites or directly dl from the browser new updates for the ps3, is really all we need. Surprised its not allowed already considering all the other things you can dl from the browser. But a complete overhaul for new browser isnt necessary, although would welcome it too if added chrome im starting not to like FF as much.

nix3737d ago

yup... a better way to upgrade browser would be a welcome change. but the manufacturer of a browser (if it's a third party) will have to keep providing us with an update. Adobe will have to make a separate update for PS3 systems only. will it be worth their time to spend resource on such a small percentage of users?

AssassinHD3737d ago

I definitely support the idea of switching to Chrome.

Hideo_Kojima3737d ago (Edited 3737d ago )

Would Google or Mozilla even be able to program for the PS3?
I am sure it won't be very straight forward like people think.
Or it might even turn up buggy and slow because it won't be optimized.

I think Sony the people who know their way around the PS3 should spend some extra £££ and improve the browser they have already.

Sarcasm3737d ago

I also wish they had a new browser. But hey, better a browser than none at all.


I was hoping Firefox in the PS3.

mastiffchild3737d ago

Chrome wouldd be nice but everyone tells me it's way too memory heavy to be practical for the PS3 browser. I'd love it but, as I say(though I only go by what mates have said), can't see it happening.

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awesomeperson3737d ago

Bots: "B-b-but we don't need a browser, we haz Facebook!"

3737d ago
NeutralGamer3737d ago

LOL....Funny how the droids "Don't Need" Splinter Cell: Conviction, Bioshock or Ballad of Gay Tony. Then when they finally get it...the gates open, a light shines forth, harps begin to play, and it's the best thing ever!!!!

See what I did there?

mcnablejr3737d ago

it sucks.. thats why i have a pc.


NateNater3737d ago

We're talking about an internet browser. Your talking about entire games. Big difference there buddy. And yes, I see what you did there.

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1Victor3737d ago

is "There’s now an option for PC remote play." does that means we'll have access to the PS3 through the PC via the net or home network like location free player.It would be cool to have total control of you ps3 over the net

sinncross3737d ago

I think its from the new Sony Vaio PC's.

But still a neat feature if you can use use it :)

MaximusPrime3737d ago

im on my new sony vaio ;)

trounbyfire3737d ago

I made a youtube video about this earlier. so check it out, dang on site trying to still my thunder well no sir you don't have the right.

my youtube name is the same as my N4G name trounbyfire

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