Media Create software sales (4/12 - 4/18)

Media Create has published the latest software sales figures from Japan. First week data for No More Heroes (PS3 and 360) has been revealed.

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ClownBelt3736d ago

There are a lot of the 360 users who bought the game. Only 1000 difference wow.

FarEastOrient3736d ago

HD Consoles for the Win!! Good job PS3 and Xbox 360, show Wii where the hardcore gamers are...

16,000 PS3 1st Week
15,000 Xbox 360 1st Week

Wii 40,000 after 10 weeks in Japan. (11,000 in 1st Week)

I know VGChartz... (not the most accurate thing in the world)

Gago3736d ago

I dont know why it sells so poorly

its a fantastic game

SpoonyRedMage3736d ago (Edited 3736d ago )


No More Heroes on the Wii sold 11K on it's first day going more reliable sources and apparently had first week sales over 20K.

Any why is the Wii is being pitted against both the PS3 and 360? It outsold both's indivual numbers and when it was released on the Wii the userbase was 5 million whilst the PS3 and 360 have a userbase of over 6 million.

So if anything this proves that at least in Japan there's as many hardcore gamers on the Wii as on the other systems... you just have a lot of other gamers as well.

I think it's pathetic that people have to put both PS3 and 360 together to challenge the Wii because the justification is that developers have to choose whether to develop for the Wii or both the PS3/360 but surely this game proves that a game can be on all three.

In the same way I could say: PS3 has no hardcore gamers, the Wii and 360 versions sold over 30K when the PS3's only did 16K.

Bring on the disagrees.

EDIT: Here's the source saying 10K first day.

Can't find one for first week.

It sold 40K as of Feb 15, 2008 in Japan and they intended to sell 50K in the long run, which it potentially has.

FarEastOrient3736d ago


I agree VGChartz is not the best source in the world, in general I find it sad that some great games do not see great sales.

Some examples:
PC: Indigo Prophecy
PS2: Beyond Good and Evil
PS3: Heavenly Sword
Xbox 360: Lost Odyssey
Wii: Madworld

I played them all and they all got pretty good reviews and yet they are all examples of games that didn't for some reason sell big.

PS Note: Anybody else doing the Starcraft II Beta with me?

iforgotmylogin3736d ago

-No more heroes 2 had no such articles like this.
- you can only like get vg charts numbers for part 2
- part 1 on wii was a new ip fresh out of the water no fan base no nothing sold at least 400k
- xbox 360 and ps3 sees what the game looks like gets a wii port that they all claim will never happen...
- 360 made a fan base and so did ps3 looking at this game on the wii
yearning for it and begging for a wii game
- basically took the wiis hard work to sell games

its like final fantasy 13 on the 360.

raztad3736d ago

"So if anything this proves that at least in Japan there's as many hardcore gamers on the Wii as on the other systems... you just have a lot of other gamers as well."

Not necesarily true. You can read those sales in several wyas:

1) Wii owners that bought NMH also have a PS3/Xbox

2) NMH is a very old game and people that really wanted it got a Wii.

3) NMH is not a popular game regardless the platform


4) Wii hardcore userbase is similar to 5m (number of PS3s sold in Japan)

Considering game sold more or less the same in all platform, I would say (2) and (3)

Mahr3735d ago

"3) NMH is not a popular game regardless the platform"

Given that Suda's released games on the PS2, the DS, the Wii, the 360, the PS3, and the Gamecube -- some of the most popular systems ever -- to more or less the same commercial results, this seems to be the most likely scenario.

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Valay3736d ago

Software sales in Japan has been down the past few weeks.

Ziriux3736d ago

Of course mario is on top.

Servbot3736d ago

The Xbox 360 version of No More Heroes Paradise is uncensored, so I can see why the sales are so close.

ClownBelt3736d ago

So the PS3 is censored then? I don't really follow this game since it looks rubbish and uninteresting.

Cheeseknight283736d ago

Not enough guns and space marines for you, then?

DarkBlood3736d ago (Edited 3736d ago )

in what way is the ps3 version of no more heroes censored?

qface643736d ago

a lot less blood in the ps3 version a lot less

Mahr3736d ago (Edited 3736d ago )

When you decapitate an enemy in the original and 360 versions, there's a fountain of blood that sprays from their bodies.

When you do the same in the Euro and PS3 versions, the enemy explodes into black ash.

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