The Nintendo 3DS screen, the next evolution

Vooks: Nintendo's evolving the portable handheld screen, again. Very little is known about the technology behind the Nintendo 3DS but what we do know is pretty exciting. .

We've all experienced the recent buzz surrounding 3D, with the success of IMAX 3D films and the blockbuster Avatar, it's impossible to miss it. Prior to the announcement of the Nintendo 3DS (which is only a tentative title) I would have sided with the pessimists that say it's nothing more than a market craze. After hearing Sharp had created an LCD screen capable of producing 3D without the necessity of head gear, I quickly changed my tune.

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hamoor4116d ago (Edited 4116d ago )

to be honest
i dont know how 3d would work without glassis+on two screens

KruLLit4116d ago

It's okey, Nintendo knows.

HolyOrangeCows4116d ago

I'd call it a "revolution" more than "evolution"

foxxy4116d ago

Too happy with my psp to care but for people that do nice.

JJFNIGHTS804115d ago

I just can't wait to get my 3Ds. My DS Lite feels like the screen is bout to break really soon. So I don't care what anyone thinks bout the 3DS no glasses makes it much better.