Rumor: Halo: Reach - Release Date Confirmed by Amazon?

onPause Writes: "Bungie's last HALO game, Halo Reach is due this fall. Until now that is all we knew but online retailer has just sent us an email updating the release date for September 1st 2010."

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mcroddi4076d ago

So I hear this Halo Reach game will be pretty good...

RonyDean4076d ago

The earlier the better!!! - Looking forward to checking out the beta in a few weeks!

mcroddi4076d ago

The beta should be awesome, just not sure about the jetpacks...3rd person kills FTW though.

Speed-Racer4076d ago

Amazon is usually not the most accurate source but it gives a good time frame

mcroddi4076d ago

True - the sooner the better!

SlipperyMooseCakes4076d ago

Usually when you see dates that are the first of the month or the end of the month, it is a place holder date. That's not to say this isn't the release date, but it looks like a place holder to me.

mcroddi4076d ago

I think it might be also but hey, you never know...

jordenkotor4076d ago

So I post an article about Amazon placing a release date, and it gets rejected.

But when someone else makes an article, It's welcomed with arms wide open?

Something isn't right...

respawnaction4076d ago

or when you post news first, but then a few min after somebody else posts the same thing and THAT gets app'd and yours is marked duplicate, when clearly there is a timer on each post showing when it was submitted.... :/

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