Top 5 Things We Want in Pokemon Black and White

Game Rant's Riley Little writes: "It seems like Pokemon Soul Silver and Heart Gold were just released when Nintendo started teasing a brand new game in the series… wait they were just released when they started teasing us with a new Pokemon game. We know very little about Pokemon Black and White aside from a few gameplay pictures, a couple new Pokemon, and a small gameplay video. So, we here at Game Rant have created a wish list of things we would love to see happen in Pokemon Black and White."

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Nitrowolf23103d ago

i agree with the team part
idk but i enjoy just having team rocket, or at least it would be neat to have jesse/james/meoth in the game as part of the story.

I would like to see them brake away from there traditional story, and mybe go for something new.

Sigh3103d ago

it'd be great to see team rocket with jessie/james/meowth again. Last time they were in the pokemon games were in yellow.

BlackIceJoe3103d ago

I think it would be cool to have the starters being Dark, Psychic & fighting. I have wanted to see a new group for some time. Being able to change the way you look would be great. Even getting new cloths to wear would be great.

I also agree with wanting not a friendly rival. I really liked how Gary would always be ahead of Ash and even wrote notes on the gym signs.

Also bringing Team Rocket back would be cool. It would be cool to see Jessie, James & Meowth. I also would add team Snagem. They made some cool looking dark Pokemon.

xHarvey3103d ago

I agree with 2-5(Especially number 5). His first idea is meh....may be if its Fire/Psychic Water/Fight Grass/Dark. I highly doubt they're going to do major changes anyways.

Nihilism3103d ago

Pokemon still has it's good points, I know it is a clone year after year, but it still remains a hardcore RPG ( yes you heard me ) it's all about the stats and the elemental weaknesses etc, and there is a lot of strategy to building a good team etc.

Every pokemon gen I tell myself that I won't buy it, but I always do out of nostalgia, I sold my DSi as I didn't use it, but I want the next game to be DSi exclusive with a graphical boost, I'd still rather take higher res well designed sprites over low res cheap 3d models, what i'm saying is that if done right making it full 3d on a handheld could be awesome.

The dream pokemon game for me is a full 80hr 3d pokemon game on console's, but even then, you'd have the ideal pokemon 420p.

As much as I hate MMOs... I think a pokemon MMO could be done extremely well.

Some extra customisation on the pokemon stats wouldn't hurt.

xXRight3yeXx3103d ago

I miss the old days. How i wish i could go back and experience it all again. Pokemon fan since a child!

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