Metal Gear Solid 4 Is Inspiration To Crysis 2 Animator

Luke Kelly, Crytek's animation designer, has revealed in a recent "Community answers" that Metal Gear Solid 4 is his inspiration.

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Redrum0594115d ago

that even crytech wouldnt dare speak ill of MGS4. who wouldnt get inspiration fro hideo kojima's master-peice.

Nicholas Cage4115d ago (Edited 4115d ago )

Metal Gear Solid 4 Got Game Of The Decade From VgChartz. yes its that good. i see why crysis 2 is inspired by it.

swiftshot934115d ago

Honestly when a Title Screen blows you away, you know you're in for a masterpiece.

RememberThe3574115d ago (Edited 4115d ago )

The thing is a masterpiece. I'm not even into Metal Gear like that and I still think it's the best game this generation.


And is the only exclusive in this generation with 10 of Score in various official Gaming sites.

Cevapi884115d ago

its more like damage control after bashing every successful console game out now

at least its good to see that they are paying respect where respect is due...

N4BmpS4115d ago

I believe he was sincere, even if it was sort of used damage control.

aaron58294115d ago


Crysis 1 was beautiful to look at... but the gameplay & story pales...

nothing fantastic about the gameplay...

Lets just hope C2 will be fantastic.. i'm willing to give this game another try... but if its still "same old.. same old.." well, for me, crysis will be history.

AAACE54115d ago

That's an insult to MGS 4, because Crysis 2 doesn't look to be anywhere near as interesting as MGS 4. Crysis is mainly known for having some of the best graphics on the PC. Not best gameplay or story or anything worthwhile. For a developer to mention MGS 4 and Crysis in the same sentance for any reason is disrespectful!

MGS 4 was a great game! I watched the video for Crysis 2 and yawned... couldn't understand why everyone liked it so much.

AKS4115d ago


Actually playing through Crysis and Crysis Warhead would probably help you understand why there are people like myself who are very interested in playing the sequel.

I'm glad to hear MGS4 is such an inspiration to them. That's one of my favorite games this generation.

Hill_billy4115d ago

It is a balance of story, game play and graphics that is rarely unmatched. Hopefully we see that balance in Crysis 2.

DaTruth4115d ago

If I can buy Just Cause 2, I can buy Crysis 2. That game was like a B action movie. The game is fun, but that's all I can say about it.

If the full procedural destructible environments is real(just shooting out some windows isn't displaying that), then this game is already a win.

But I wouldn't mind some story and gameplay... Especially if you are trying to match Uncharted 2, Halo, Killzone 2 and MGS4.

piroh4115d ago (Edited 4115d ago )

it's nice to see the Crytek got inspiration from MGS4

@DaTruth: if you want destructible environments try Black for ps2, it's very good fps

bnaked4115d ago

Ok, i can reveal it now: Crysis 2 will look identical on PS3, 360 and Wii ;-)

GameGambits4115d ago

MGS4's animations were top notch, so I'm glad to see Crytek is going to try and step it up from what MGS4 did. I hope to see a cut scene on the level of Raiden Vs Vamp vs over 9000 Geckos. That was a very well animated cut scene, and the gameplay has some of the most realistic and well put together body animations ever for gaming.

I'm excited to see more of C2 at E3. Hopefully this will be a great awakening to other developers just in terms of stepping it up on what engine to use. UE3 needs to R.I.P, because even in 2010 devs are pushing out games that look like 2007 or sooner.(Splinter Cell Conviction...I liked the game, but it'd probably have looked 1000X better on the Crytek engine)

cayal4114d ago

How is Crysis 2 going to be released on time, it seems all these guys are doing is just talking.

BattleAxe4114d ago

How dare they even speak of MGS 4 and any other AAA games like Killzone2. Lets see some gameplay finally, because right now I'm calling Bullsh*t on this game.

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NateCole4115d ago (Edited 4115d ago )

Story telling i must say MGS4 is still the best personally. U2 did also great with better editing but it didn't have the depth like in MGS4 imo. U2 is like a great Action adventure blockbuster movie but MGS4 is a deep long action/drama sci-fi spy thriller.

Annimation though U2 wins hands down.

LightofDarkness4115d ago

Sorry, I'll have to disagree a bit here. MGS4 was clearly in dire need of an editor. There were far too many instances of drawn out, superfluous dialogue that was just entirely unnecessary. The Drebin codec sequences were fantastically annoying and pretty pointless. Then there's the "second" ending. My god. Hypnotism? Really? In a world of nano-machines and cyborg-ninjas, hypnotism? Hideo clearly didn't do his research on hypnotism either, but that's besides the point.

It was a good game, had a good story, but the way the story was presented could have been better, let's not kid ourselves...

nnotdead4115d ago

as much as it hurts me to say it, you are right. MGS4 is my favorite game in this gen, but it could of used an editor who could reel Kojima in.

The Time Reaper4115d ago

It was hypnotherapy, drugs, and nanos FYI.

NateCole4115d ago

What was wrong with Derbin codec? Without them i wouldn't understand the backstory of B and B. Its not MGS without codecs. One of the main reason why i loved MGS4 like most MGS fans is that its classic Kojima MGS. Kojima didn't compromise at all. In terms of story telling Kojima didn't compromise it to fit current gaming industry standard storytelling. Thats why MGS4 is different from the rest. MGS4 is for the fans which is. It was a no holds bar Kojima style sign off for the greatest game hero in gaming for me.

For me i hanged on to every sec of every codec and every custscene. I loved it just the way it is.

JoySticksFTW4115d ago

His strength and faults are what makes MGS so great.

When you play MGS games, you just have to love them for what they are... warts and all

It's like 2d Mario games... I better not start seeing deep story lines. I want pure platforming perfection.

Most fans of Metal Gear don't just expect the long, quirky, convoluted stories -- they LOVE and look forward to them

Though I will say, if Kojima was to be reeled in, it should have been during MGS 2. That story got crazy.

MGS1, 3, & 4 were perfect. Long-winded but focused & entertaining :)

DaTruth4115d ago (Edited 4115d ago )

The people who don't like the drawn out nature of the MGS series are the same people who would never read a book and just watch movies. All books are long and drawn out by their nature, while movies are almost a summary of a good book.

The type of "A-D-D" and shallow people with no attention to detail that you see everywhere these days. They don't even realize they are putting themselves down when they say this kind of stuff. They are afraid of a little depth, because it reveals their shallowness and lack of intellect when it goes right over their heads.

Funny thing is, anybody who read a book and then went to see the movie 100% of the time will say the book was better.

I also prefer movies to books, but I enjoy when they throw a little depth into my games and movies.

cmrbe4114d ago

Thats very true. Thats why books will always be better form of story telling than movies. I generally finish reading good books in 3 days. A movie on the other hand gets boing if its more than 3 hours long. That will alway be a disadvantage in movies in terms of storytelling.

Books explains every thing in much more detail which most will not make it to the final cut in a movie if it was made a movie. This is why fans of a book will alway be disappointed when their books are made into movies because to them its not complete and its selling their fav books short.

In a way MGS4 story telling is more like a book with every small detail fleshed out. As a result you get the whole expereince like you would in a book.

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foxxy4115d ago

I know mgs4 is one of my favorite games this generation when it came out I said finally next gen is here.

arakouftaian4115d ago

But crysis 2People have been talking a lot of BS fraying to create
drama .

do they need to create that much attention?
Can't they create a good game and let the game talk
by itself.

BaLLooN_BaBooN4115d ago

If Crysis 2 can pull off half the story MGS4 had, then it will be a pretty decent game.

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