PS3 3.30 System Software Update

From the PSBlog: Hi everyone, in our continued effort to provide the best, most comprehensive entertainment experience possible, we'll be adding a few new features to PlayStation 3 (PS3) via the latest system software update, which is a mandatory update and will be available shortly. Most notably, you'll see some new sorting options within Trophies that make it easier to claim bragging rights among your friends on PlayStation Network.

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Sunny_D4116d ago

cool, 3d option. Just need a 3d tv and 3d glasses. :/

Marceles4116d ago

too late, looks like they already crashed the blog lol

Blaze9294116d ago

kind of a lame update to be honest....

Kratos Spartan4116d ago

more options for the in-game XMB. Most of the stuff you still have to quit the game to perform. What's the point in that?

van-essa4116d ago (Edited 4116d ago )

Nice job N4G, you killed the site.

I'm sure there are more people using otherOS than PS3 owners having 3D TVs, and yet they took it away.

chrisnick4116d ago

doesn't the ps3 get a major update like 3 times a year? and 3.00 was the last one.......what the hell sony? its been like 8+ months!...W/E comes out of 4.0 or 3.5 needs to be mega huuge, it probably will but we probably won't see that until E3....balls.

IdleLeeSiuLung4116d ago

Why release these tiny feature enhancements? Why not release it with a big update?

It is risky to upgrade your firmware for something so insignificant. I'm sure you can decline it for now, but many won't and some will get their machines bricked. It always happen with any firmware upgrade no matter the vendor.

CimmerianDrake4116d ago

Because that would be Microsoft level stupidity. Sony releases small updates so that it's easier to fix any problems that could rise up since they'll be easier to spot, unlike Microsoft whose updates always either temporarily brick console, effect online play, etc.. etc... etc....

Case in point, pretty much EVERY Christmas update on the 360.

Darkstorn4116d ago

Not super impressive, but it's a nice addition I suppose.

Noctis Aftermath4116d ago

Other features besides 3D, possibly PS2 emulator?!

WildArmed4116d ago

well i guess its an ok update. I do love the trophy enhancements.
but since i dont have a 3dtv, nor will i have one for a few years, i can't be excited about 3d gaming..
unless some1 i know gets a 3dtv.. then i know where i'll be camping out w/ my ps3!

-Alpha4116d ago (Edited 4116d ago )

It's honestly better than nothing. Sony releases a lot of small patches that end up making a lot of nice changes when you look at them at the end of the year.

I don't expect to see a big overhaul until PSN Premium.

I like this, but I hope they add trophies to friends list for quick show off effects. Friends dont really care about trophies since they are hidden and you rarely see friends' trophies, or even your own unless you manually click your name. I'd like to see something like trophy leaderboards, or notifications when friends get a trophy to games I have, or if they get a platinum, etc.

More needs to be done to show off trophies but this looks like a nice update nonetheless. They ought to also add trophy level at the ticker feed box on top like on 360.

I'd like to see them put more in from what was asked for on PSBlog Share, I'm sure we'll see them once Premium hits. PSN really has a chance to skyrocket with Premium, and with XBL set to add even more features online is definitely going to take a notch up for both consoles

Christopher4116d ago (Edited 4116d ago )

I'm ambivalent. It is better than nothing, but really not much to write home about. I feel Sony has really been lacking in general updates and should really focus on getting some big new features on the system rather than just some minor updates to what is there.

Don't really care about sorting my trophies on my PS3 since I spend next to nothing worrying about them or comparing them.

Also, really don't care about 3D in my house. I can't enjoy it since I'm 90% blind in my right eye, so it's unlikely we'll ever own a 3D-capable television.

Would love to see a UI revamp. Don't get rid of the current design altogether, but definitely could be improved in many areas. Also, when is Netflix going to be on the system and not the disc? Would be nice to have access to it from both of my PS3s rather than the disc registered to play on just one PS3.

-Alpha4116d ago

Yeah man, it's a worthless update in the end, but it adds something. I really do want Sony to be putting in big features too, but they really don't seem to have money for PSN. I mean, they keep it free so I don't expect them to pull money out of their A**.

I'm patiently waiting for Premium and I am expecting big changes and big incentives to subscribe. Sony is hearing our thoughts (PS Blog Share shows that), so hopefully they are collecting.

It's a small update, but I don't mind taking a mere 10 minutes to have a new update. I just wish trophies MEANT more. ON XBL achievements are always shown off, they load VERY fast, and I can easily see anyone's latest achievements with superb ease. PS3 gives you trophies, you collect them, you can compare them, but there's no motivation.

Like I said, they need to promote them: Add awards like unlocking avatars, getting clothes in Home, give pop up notifications when friends receive a Platinum or Gold trophy, or when they get a trophy to a game I have, have leaderboards, display them when I scroll through my friends, etc.

These are all very small additions Sony could have made but for some reason they haven't. Again, Premium is what I believe will bring that, so we just have to wait.

captain-obvious4116d ago

if it was MS and some XBL update
you'd be jerking on this article

nix4116d ago

i want that fixed. i don't want to watch youtube on YouTubeXL. it keeps crashing the PS3.

i browse through PS3 so i want the browser to be updated too.

BannedForNineYears4116d ago

Stop complaining guys.
This isn't a bad update at all.

Godmars2904116d ago

Seems like it fixed it for me, though I'm annoyed that the latest configuration wont give me access to favorites and playlist on the full page, and XL is wholly worthless playing much less managing those two.

vhero4116d ago

No doubt Sony saving the major update for after E3 so they can announce it at E3 they just wetting our appetites now..

pimpmaster4116d ago

this is the biggest garbage update ever. seriously??!? updates to 3.3 and all it adds is a trohpy sort feature. where the fu is cross game chat.serious facepalm on this man. its been almost a half a year already since the last major update. i bet this update is nothing at all other than to patch the geohots exploit again. what a waste of time, my ps3 takes like 20 mins to update >:(

Hill_billy4116d ago

I am on the market for a new HDTV and have been looking into the 3D sets. This might have just help make my mind up for me. Can't complain about free updates!

sigfredod4116d ago

please do some research before posting rushed comments.
it also updated the version of Flash used in the PS3’s browser.  Fans of sites like YouTube, can use it.
the issue with some region-free Blu-ray disks (such as the BBC’s Life) has been fixed.
there’s a new BD Audio Output setting under Video Settings: [(Direct)] and [Bitstream (Mix)] have been added for optical output.
ou can now select [PC] as an option under [Remote Play Settings] > [Register Device]. When you select this option, you will be able to use the remote play feature to operate your PS3 system from future models of the VAIO PC.

darthv724116d ago

seems to come at a time where youtube is working with html 5. Go figure. I'd like to see a totally revised browser based on firefox or even opera. Chrome or safari will work as well.

Now sony needs to update flash/html 5 support on the psp. If my phone can do youtube then why cant the psp/go?

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swiftshot934116d ago

Earlier than I thought for 3-D. Oh well.

samoon4116d ago

But hey, as long as it ADDS features instead of taking away, I'm happy.


cmrbe4116d ago

I am still pissed about the OS removal.

Turion4116d ago

Grow up. That's mental.

IdleLeeSiuLung4116d ago (Edited 4116d ago )

I'm pissed about it too. I have never met a company that removes a feature I already paid for in a physical product and not compensate me in any way.

Heck, I don't think I have ever had a feature removed from an existing product I already paid for!

Death4116d ago

Many people enjoyed the other OS feature. Especially the early adopters that paid much more for their systems. Typically it's bad when features are taken away. Why are you so offended someone is upset about this?


mushroomwig4116d ago


Many people? Hardly, most Playstation 3 users couldn't give a damn about the otherOS feature, people are only complaining now because Sony removed a feature.

GiantEnemyCrab4116d ago (Edited 4116d ago )

Agreed with you Cmrbe. My 40Gig Phatty decided to YLOD right at the time the update came out to remove it so I was going to lose my Linux stuff regardless but still a lame move.

Anyway, this update is rather pointless so I'm wondering what is in it they aren't telling us.

Funny the trophies can't even auto sync themselves and they are worried about sorting?

I don't see why they couldn't of put this in the last update when they removed OtherOS. So like I said, I bet there is stuff hidden in this one.

iamtehpwn4116d ago

I can't blame them at all. They didn't want the samething to happen to Ps3 that happened with PSP.

HolyOrangeCows4116d ago

You're not a very subtle troll, GEC.


You gonna blame Sony or the Hackers?

You should read Terms of Agreement.

webeblazing4116d ago

idle you do it everytime you buy a game. you buy the new SC then get home to find out you cant play the other half of the game unless you pay ( like most dont be knowing). then i guess im wrong cause you pay 4 the game and what is locked then you pay 2 get back what you already brought. yall logic is funny xbox fanbois seems like they never notices these things

GiantEnemyCrab4116d ago (Edited 4116d ago )

That's funny you call me trolling when I give you the %100 percent truth about my PS3 experience.. Yeah, it is sh!tty enough of a PS3 experience to believe it might actually be a troll.. but it's not.. And your browser supports the latest flash and isn't having issues on YouTube? What custom browser are you running? Or maybe you just won't admit the browser is broken.

It's a shame this is the internet or I'd take my 40gig fatty and smack it upside your skull as proof. (j/k)

EDIT: Not 1 sec after posting and a disagree. This is FACT so disagree all you want.

cmrbe4116d ago (Edited 4116d ago )

What if hackers find another exploit?. What other feature could be targeted for removal?. The fact that Sony removed an important feature for some PS gamers because they are stupid not to find a better solution to an exploit found by 1 hacker is down right wrong.

This is not like removing PS2 BC and other features before. Removing those other features before was to reduce the manufacturing cost so that they can reduce the price of the PS3 so that it would be affordable. That was completely understandable as it benefited new PS3 gamers.

In this case this move only benefited Sony but penalise early adopters that stood by them in those really early hard days for the PS3. That is not cool at all to me. I don't care about the feature personally as i have 3 PS3 but i know a couple of friends that use linux alot on their PS3 which are gutted about the OS removal. I love Sony but i would standby PS gamers more so than Sony.

CimmerianDrake4116d ago

You seem to forget that the OtherOS feature was always an OPTIONAL feature, as in not important to the smooth operation of the console and not even necessary to begin with. You don't think Sony did their research when making the decision to remove this feature? You don't think Sony KNEW there would be whiners making mountains out of molehills if they so much as breathed on the PS3 console? The numbers don't lie, and the numbers state that, of the already small amount of launch PS3 owners who have Phat consoles that came with that feature, an even smaller amount actually installed said feature. And just because they installed it, doesn't mean it was actually used.

You want to b1tch and moan about a feature you NEVER used (and I don't believe for a second you did) just because Sony removed it. You wanna play homebrew games? There are dozens of other, better ways to do so. You like the PS3 controller? Guess what, you can use it on a PC too. The fact remains that Sony was experimenting, gauging the reception of this feature using the early PS3's. The feature wasn't part of the Slims, and Sony's numbers proved that less than 1% of the PS3 userbase even had Linux installed on their PS3's to begin with.

The only people complaining about it now are people who love whining about anything Sony does, i.e. GEC and Idle. You don't see that researcher who has 8 PS3's hooked up as a supercomputer whining about it do you? No. And he at least has a legitimate reason too.

Grow up, read your EUA, and complain when a REAL feature is in jeopardy. Until then, take your boohooing find a quarter, and call someone who gives a damn. Because 99% of the PS3 userbase that exists now, and 100% of the future userbase, don't.

Marceles4116d ago (Edited 4116d ago )

cmbre Other OS isn't an important feature, what are you talking about? And you're typing from a computer right now, if anything it's useless unless you don't own a computer. If they do find another way to hack then maybe it won't be told how it was hacked next time so we can keep the system's features. That Geohot guy pretty much gave up how he did it and OtherOS was taken away.

"so how did you do it Geohot?"
"Well I just used Linux and..."
(alarm goes off at Sony) "QUICK! REMOVE INSTALL OTHER OS!"
"right away sir! hup hup hup"

dazzalfc4116d ago

"What if hackers find another exploit?. What other feature could be targeted for removal?. "

I see your point, however, i feel others are pretty much missing a big one. Sony has zero control over the Linux operating system. They cannot release a patch to boost security for the operating system, nor could they really do anything to the operating system on any scale, given the different versions of Linux available.

The operating systems, and what could be done with them, were completely out of Sony's control. When you really think about it, it was a stupid idea to give the option of installing operating systems in the first place. Once exploits started coming around for the PS3 via Linux, Sony really didn't have much of an option but to remove the feature that allowed Linux, in order to protect the system and the millions of users who use it.

Also, i highly doubt any other features would be removed. The rest of the features on the console are applications that are under Sonys control. Its one thing to patch an application that you own, its completely something else making changes to an operating system (which could well be different for every user) that you don't

Grown Folks Talk4116d ago

You jump on Cmrbe & say it's not an important feature because YOU didn't use it & it's not essential to system use. Also, he doesn't need it because he has a computer, yet that logic doesn't apply when you're in a 360 article flappin your mouth about no browser on the 360.

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samoon4116d ago

Damn the site is crashed!!