GamesRadar: The evolution of rain

Charlie Barratt writes, Rain? Really? Are we that out of ideas?

Maybe. But also – shut up and show some respect. Rain is much more than a gimmicky graphical effect. Rain sets mood. Rain builds atmosphere. Rain convinces you that the make-believe world depicted on your screen is alive, cycling through stages of rebirth and regeneration just like our own. With videogames in particular, rain is an excellent way of revealing the technology of the time: early titles could barely render the extra layer of droplets, while modern titles are now producing fully automated meteorological weather systems.

Or perhaps I simply couldn't resist the phrase "April showers." (Because it's April!) Either way, enjoy watching the evolution of videogames (over 50 titles! over 25 years!) through this very watery lens, and be thankful I'm not planning something about "May flowers." Yet.

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