Gaming Vest? No Thanks

Koku writes: "Have you ever wanted to experience what it feels like to get shived in the shower but without all of the messy blood to clean up? Immersion, immersion, immersion. Well if you do not feel like you are being immersed enough in your video games then some researchers from the University of Pennsylvania hope to remedy this. They have been working to produce what is more or less a vest that the player would wear so to have them feel the bullets and shrapnel around them."

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A HiFi3157d ago

It would be an interesting experience...although it would require a big inVESTment.

GUCommander3157d ago

lol wow. that's quite the play on words there buddy :P

Gandalf3157d ago

Lol, sure. And when I'm at it, I'll get a gaming helmet and gaming boots.

Sexius Maximus3157d ago

Does it come with a groin unit? You'll either get it on with someone, or get kicked in the balls. That's a tech I wanna see.

FragGen3157d ago

Based on the description in the article it basically sounds like a rumble vest. FWIW, I think it might be kind of cool but hardly necessary.

Sort of like 3D.

Anyway... I actually was surprised at how rumble features in controls help with immersion and feedback and that's just a controller. The vest could rumble in different spots to indicate direction of fire in an FPS, etc. This sounds like it'd be pretty darn cool as an optional accessory for certain games if your REALLY into it.

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Ziriux3157d ago

Realism in games shouldn't be the focus their games after all, have fun with it.

elicymet3157d ago

Devices like these are really interesting explorations of the way people connect to interactive media. At the base level, games that have violence and put players in life threatening situations are so appealing because they allow you to straddle that line between a connection to, and disconnect from, the visceral impact of what you're doing, all at once. The question then becomes, what do people want more, the visceral connection, or the safety of the disconnect?

Personally, I think this concept, though unique, would be discomforting at the very least.

Ziriux3157d ago

I think the technology can be very hazardous.

cb8103157d ago

This definitely takes it to another level...

StartWars3157d ago

What a cheap piece of tat.

duplissi3157d ago

its british slang apparently


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The story is too old to be commented.