The Future of PS3, Xbox 360 Graphics?

TheSixthAxis- Readers with meaty PCs and graphics cards that support DirectX 11 will want to have a look at Stone Giant, a 400MB tech demo that runs off a brand new visual engine called BitSquid Tech. BitSquid Tech supports a highly parallel design model, support for all new DirectX GPUs, incredible depth of field effects and dynamic level of detail.

The Stone Giant tech demo was produced by Fatshark, the guys behind Lead and Gold, which is out tomorrow on PSN. "At Fatshark, we have been creating the art content seen in Stone Giant", said Martin Wahlund, CEO. "It has been amazing to work with a bleeding edge engine, without the usual geometric limitations seen in current games".

Why are we telling you about this? Well, nestled at the bottom of the press release is a note that says "PS3 and Xbox 360 support will be available in the fall of 2010." Yep, it looks like the current-gen consoles will get at least some of the features of BitSquid Tech, which will enabled developers to produce games that carry this level of fidelity

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JustinSaneV23106d ago

Kind of reminds me of God of War II on the PS2. I had never expected that console to push out graphics of such high quality.

sid4gamerfreak3106d ago

no competition the ps3 will continue to realize its full potential...

N4BmpS3106d ago

Wow interesting very interesting.

AAACE53106d ago (Edited 3106d ago )

I bet Sony buys this tech demo and turn it into a game like they did with Heavy Rain!

I can only remember seeing two games with detail and imagination like this and they are Uncharted 2 and Gears 2

Hill_billy3106d ago

Each console steadily gets pushed further and further in graphics as the life of that console moves on. It will be no surprise to me to see the current consoles showcasing some awesome graphics in the future as historically speaking they have done so in the past. DX11 is a beast and looks to be awesome for some games and it would be awesome to see features of that working on consoles.

Pjuice3105d ago

if console gamers would realize how much more free and better pc is the games would already look better than this while there trying to make your old ps3 and 360 hardware 5% more effective on some gaming engines pc hardware isn't hardly being used push new pc hardware to the limit you have a game thats looks amazing.... modern warfare 2 on higher end rig runs 2560x1600 @ 120fps lol really pushing that pc hardware....

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unrealgamer583106d ago

The ps3 will continue to mercilessly rape the 360, And the 360 will sit there and take It.

playstation_clan3106d ago

if a game on 360 looks like uncharted 2, i will quit gaming

lh_swe3106d ago

To react in such an extreme way to such minute issue only further shows the infantile reasoning behind your console prejudice.

Grow up, play the games and stop being such a little douche!

3106d ago
Foliage3106d ago

It's called a "bet" you retard. There is also no need to worry, the 360 isn't capable of PS3 graphics at their best or anything near Uncharted 2 graphics, that hardly even a bet it's a given.

Some of you xboys are really mentally retarded. I almost feel bad for pointing it out.

lh_swe3106d ago (Edited 3106d ago )

For one you can quit the pretentious nonsense. Is he not a fanboy which in fact is both valuable and detrimental to gaming both in the competetive sense (by the console manufacturers) and the console community. While fanboy's do indeed fuel MS & Sony's lust for dominance they do in effect "bring down" the gaming community not only giving it a bad name but also actively seek out to sabotage a games rep, sales etc and it's because of a blind prejudice they do it.

As for your eloquent language I cannot help but to sense it is to hide the fanboy within as I didn't insult him, I merely questioned his logic in blindly following a console rather than following the games which a true gamer should do, don't you think!?

@Foliage - 1. What was the intent behind the "bet"? I bet nothing pro-360 in fact I think it was quite the contrary and if wasn't for the overwhelming reason that he loves the PS3 and hates the 360 he wouldn't have expressed it. 2. I am not a 360 fanboy in fact I game more on the PS3, FACE! :)

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Letros3106d ago

Hmm, didn't know this was available to dload yet, nice, dloading now to try on the rig.

rezzah3106d ago

Beautiful, awesome, and so real.

Games would be so epic if they could look like this. Of course it'd only be possible if the developer has passion for their work.

richard9193106d ago

ps3 graphics will continue to improve but the 360 has maxed out its graphics. alan wake and or gears 3 will be it for the xbox.

kaveti66163106d ago

You don't know how software works.

richard9193106d ago

it doesnt take a genius to see that the xbox 360 cant do much more. i highly doubt a dvd will be out performing a blu ray disc any time soon. i know that there is more to the tech then the disc format BUT it is a big part of it. the xbox had its life cycle and jumped the gun of the "next gen" console race, and look at the tech in the 360 its behind what is in the ps3, and it is really starting to show now.

kaveti66163106d ago

Once again, you have no idea how software works. Save yourself some dignity.

richard9193106d ago (Edited 3106d ago )

oh? so when im seeing inferior graphics on one console im really not? im confused...well explain to me "how software works".

execution173106d ago

the 360 did go with the 256mb graphics card, wonder how the games would of looked like, could of been a heated battle between the 360 and wii

kaveti66163106d ago

The same engine that was to be working its ass off to run Halo 3 in 640p is now running Halo Reach with 4 times the polygons and texture resolution, with 40 AI and 20 vehicles on-screen at 720p.

There is NO MAXING OUT OF HARDWARE. You can only max out what a current software can do, and then all you have to do is optimize the software or make a new engine from scratch. Sony has a dedicated ICE team working on this. Microsoft is not working on making new engines tailored just for 360. That is why you're seeing approximately 4 or 5 PS3 exclusives surpassing Xbox 360 games.

Killzone 2, Uncharted 1&2, God of War 3, and GT5.

I'm not saying the consoles are equal. I bet the PS3 is more powerful. But to make the suggestion that hardware can be maxed is very ignorant.

If Microsoft or third party studios kept improving on their engines, we would forever be seeing visual improvements in 360 games. There is NO CAP.

bviperz3106d ago

Sorry, but if that were true then we would still be using the original XBOX and PS2. Or there would be no need to upgrade PC CPU/Memory/Graphics card. While I agree there's a lot more to be tapped from the current generation hardware, to say that the hardware (any hardware) can't be maxed out is pretty ignorant. Bottom line, the software maxes out BECAUSE the hardware can't support the next level.

Hotel_Moscow3106d ago

theres a difference inn thinking when it comes to ps3 and 360 for one 360 used an architecture that everyone had practiced with and thus already knew the tips and tricks the ps3 on the other hand uses things that not that many people had used before meaning room for improvement for a whole console gen to max find all the tips and tricks which would make the ps3 supperior on that kind of thinking

richard9193106d ago

couldnt have said it better myself

BlackKnight3105d ago

Seriously, you don't know what you are talking about. Crysis 1 came out on ONE DVD.

All of that ground is actually 2D. Diffuse texture map, specular map, normal map, parallax occlusion map and possibly other texture map types that I don't know, one DVD.

That should be a hint that disc space has nothing to do with screen/frame buffer resolution, shader precision, amount of shader effects, how many physics objects calculated at once, physics precision, etc. Even polygon count has a low memory requirement. The only thing that could be affected by disc space is texture resolution and sound quality and game length (I.E. SP level count and MP map count). HOWEVER, even with 8GB or 50GB or 1TB, games still have repeat textures (360 or PS3 or PC) in levels because you can only view so many textures at once due to RAM being the limitation since you have to load the texture from the disc to the RAM to display the texture in the game. There is texture swapping but that is still limited to the RAM and the disc read speed, not disc capacity. Quit drinking PR koolaid.

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