1UP: Super Street Fighter IV Preview

Street Fighter 4 attempted to capture the spirit of a tournament by introducing Championship mode, a free DLC update that added a single-elimination online tournament that matched players of equal skill. As good as it was, Championship mode lacked a few crucial components that made actual tournaments so exciting to attend. Most odd, it didn't come with spectator mode -- which allows other players to watch your match while you're playing the opponent.

Without this key ingredient, Championship mode felt more like a solitary rather than a shared experience. For Super Street Fighter 4, the next and final iteration of SF4 with new stages, characters, and balance tweaks, Capcom will roll out Tournament Mode -- a free DLC update that addresses the problems from Championship mode by delivering an easy way to organize and participate in tournaments with friends and strangers.

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kornbeaner3731d ago

I got this game today and the little I played will worth the $40 dollars. So great. And if your reading this Bloodmask these are the type of stories that are good. I know they don't get the hits but its about gaming how can it be wrong?

RosoTron363731d ago

Great article! Good job indeed! ^^v