Tiger Woods and Madden Meet PlayStation Move Tomorrow Night

PSLS writes:

EA was recently confirmed as a strong supporter of the PlayStation Move, and it looks like they will be showing off their work thus far tomorrow night.

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JonnyBigBoss3198d ago

I have a feeling Tiger Woods will be a blast with PS Move. I want it bundled!

whateva3198d ago (Edited 3198d ago )

The Move controller makes you want to Buy Golf and Tennis games again.

they should make a golf game that use augmented reality to put you in the game with the golf club and your floor becomes the green.

Redrum0593198d ago (Edited 3198d ago )

tiger woods' game are always very promosing, fun and innovative.

EDIT:... dissagrees, are you serious? it was a small joke that took no shot to no one. console, or publisher. i swear, there are so many lame ppl on the N4G forums.

ryano232773198d ago

Tiger 10 & Grand Slam Tennis are arguably the best ways to play these sport games.

I also expect EA to re-introduce their Baseball series to capitalise on a sport that will work extremely well with Move.

What gets me excited is if Madden/Tiger (sports in general) get made for Move - they will also get made for Natal. We will start to see the PS3/360 versions being different.

Str8laced3198d ago

Well to bad i will not be buying anymore Tiger Woods games.

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Cevapi883198d ago

the Move will be an excuse for EA to keep chruning out the same games every year....we already barley see any new gameplay elements as it is...

they will play it off with the whole..."look now you can throw the ball and hit the golf ball just like the pros!!!!"

GiantEnemyCrab3198d ago

They've been doing this for the last 3 years on the Wii. I'm sure EA have a ton of shovelware ready to slap a Move logo on it and pretend it's a whole new experience than what they've already been doing with Nintendo.. lol

Cevapi883198d ago (Edited 3198d ago )

exactly my least im not alone in this lol

only difference is it will be in HD...or sub HD seeing as how many devs are shooting well below 720p

topgeareasy3198d ago

controls will be more precise and accurate

because of PSN, online will be better than the wii's online

Apocalypse Shadow3198d ago

even cheap PSN games are HD.and actually very good.

like hustle kings,high velocity bowling,etc.

and porting games to ps3 from wii could result in better physics models and detection.besides textures and graphics.

but the cool thing is that there are "BUTTONS."

Cevapi883198d ago

because its not Sony who is making these will be 3rd Party devs....and you know how many games we have already seen that havent hit 720p let alone 1080p which i can only keep dreaming of

Foliage3198d ago

Games that can't hit 720p?

You mean like Halo 3, Alan Wake, and FF13 on the 360, along with various other low resolution games (mostly on the 360)?

Yeah, at least the PS3 offers the highest resolutions more consistently than any console out there... if you are going to whine about resolutions on consoles, Sony should be your last target.............

Str8laced3198d ago

My god it will be a complete different experience than the wii. Better controls, better graphic in HD, better online play.

PeptoBismol3198d ago


welcome to my ignore list.
way to be completely biased against the Move. Goodness dude.

presto7173198d ago


Trying to downplay the move. Haters be OWNED.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO3198d ago (Edited 3198d ago )

Don't worry, wait the 1st Party Games for Move, and you will see why is worth it to have Move for the PS3.

Besides will be better than Wii, don't worry.


More accurate
Body Tracking
Face and Voice Recognition
Better Online in all aspects
HD Graphics and other features that other Motion Controllers fans will be jealous because they don't have a Computer Entertainment System (AKA PlayStation 3).

Cevapi883198d ago (Edited 3198d ago )

you know how many of you totally misunderstood what i said...i have no problem with the actually excited about it...what worries me are the 3rd party devs who will take shortcuts like they did with the Wii just to make a quick not targeting Sony about HD, but devs who dont try to make the best game possible out there...and devs have done this on the excited to see what sony's 1st party devs will come up with because Sony will be in full support of what they can come up with...


ALFAxD_CENTAURO thank you for at least understanding where i am coming from...i am not worried about the Move...its just that people will begin to call it a gimmick when we see unfinished games being brought to the excited to see what Naughty Dog, Zipper, GG can come up with...if they show some awesome games....Move will be a first day buy for me

PeptoBismol....dude i could care less if you ignore misunderstand what i wrote makes you look dumb...i was criticizing EA not the the article first and then critique what i had to say...we know that EA sports hasnt really given us much new in terms of gameplay mechanics besides Be a Pro

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Blaster_Master3198d ago

I might get Tiger Woods if EA supports it with the PSmove. I dont even like golf that much but it sounds like it could be loads of fun.

Nitrowolf23198d ago

you know with MOVE/NATAL this may make me move towards sports game more. I play them but not that much, this will def make the experience better if they are done right

GrandDragon3198d ago (Edited 3198d ago )

I seriously can't wait for the Ape Escape 4 bundle! I've been waiting for almost 8 years since AE2 came out because I never really got a chance to play AE3 so AE4 with the PS-Move is going to be awesome!

1999 Ape Escape 1 on the PlayStation FTW!

booni33198d ago

wats better? virtual sports or physical sports?

ryano232773198d ago

Physical sports of course, there is nothing in life better than the moment you are on the field/oval/court etc playing your chosen sport - whether for fun or for Millions.


Damn, it's like saying what's better, a Real Guitar or Rock Band/Guitar Hero.

Obviously is better the real stuff.

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