Where has all the four-player fun gone?

Remember the good old days when you and up to three of your friends would hang out at someone's house playing video games together all night long. You could compete with each other or team up in four player games, trash talking and making jokes. Remember how you could actually turn to your side and look your opponent in the face as you ruthlessly gloated at them? Remember what it was like to see everyone's characters on one screen?

It just seems like developers don't care to make games that four people can play in one room anymore. Sure, you can buy four wireless controllers for your 360 or PS3, but all you could use them for is playing triple-A first person shooters such as Halo and Modern Warfare; everything else is just pushed aside. The recently released Bioshock 2 had a multiplayer mode added to its content, but you can't play it without an online connection.

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Cevapi883101d ago (Edited 3101d ago )

that older tech was able to offer us 4 player split-screen and here we are today and you hear devs saying "ohh it would be too difficult to implement this" or "we thought about it, but the game is great just the way it is"....excuses excuses excuses

plus with the whole graphical debate raging everytime we see something new about Crysis 2 or Halo:Reach, or rumors of KZ3, people go crazy and belittle one game to make the other could be pressure as well to not see a graphical hit when you do split screen, but i believe that gameplay trumps graphics....isnt this the reason we buy games....i sure as hell wouldnt pay $60 to only look at something pretty

JOLLY13101d ago

Halo Reach...wait all of the Halo games and Gears 3....

SixZeroFour3101d ago

and left 4 dead 1 and 2

honest question since i dont have one or any of the games...does ps3 have any coop games (excluding more obvious multiplats like sports games or racing, etc) does it have any games that have coop campaign even if its through psn, like halo 3's or l4d's 4 player coop through live (max is 2 players per system, 4 through live)

frogdefdaa3100d ago

I'm waiting for them ;-)