Why Casual Gamers Will Love Super Mario Galaxy 2

Some casual gamers love Mario but found Super Mario Galaxy too hard. Will they be able to enjoy Super Mario Galaxy 2? Here are four reasons why they will, without sacrificing the overall difficulty for Mario veterans.

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Cevapi883103d ago

do you guys remember how great these games were back in the NES and N64 days...people called the games revolutionary because they offered something new...and back then Zelda and Mario were fresh...yet today...its all about one remake after another...this is what i think of when I look at Nintendo....

what happened to coming up with new and innovative characters like they did in the 80's and 90's....its like they are playing it something new and exciting, at least we will know then that you are trying to please those who have been alienated by the crazy amount of casual games

bbretterson3103d ago (Edited 3103d ago )

Sure, Mario Galaxy is technically just another Mario platformer in 3D, but Nintendo made some pretty innovative changes to the formula. I wouldn't call it a remake, and -- despite opening the doors to casual users -- the Galaxy games are pretty damn challenges, especially if you try to go after all of the coins.

Cevapi883103d ago

i understand that...i have played the game myself....but when was the last time you heard of Nintendo coming out with something new and fresh...something that gamers can be excited talking in terms of new IPs....why is the DS so damn see new stuff all the time...this is why devs dont want to make good quality games for the Wii....there is no profit and Nintendo doesnt go out and support the game with advertising and funding which is what MS and Sony do all the time

Seekerofthewind3103d ago

Pikmin, Animal Crossing, and Chibi-Robo were pretty cool. Advanced Wars and Battalion Wars, too. And I heard Monolith Soft is a first party developer under Nintendo, so we can put down Disaster: Day of Crisis and the upcoming Xenoblade too, non?

And, so you're saying that Nintendo doesn't support and advertise the crap out of games that they aren't publishing? Shocking.

tunaks13103d ago (Edited 3103d ago )

have you heard of :
Disaster Day of Crisis,
Battalion Wars,
Zangeki no Renglev,
Sin and Punishment,
Wario: Smooth Moves,
Wii Sports & Resort,
Endless Ocean,

those are all new...

How much new IPs does Sony & MS gives us? Actually look
Gears is made by Epic Games
Rachet and Clank is made by Insomniac

MajestieBeast3103d ago (Edited 3103d ago )

Im just gonna make a little list of new games,ips by sony this gen.

-Heavenly sword
-Modnation racers
-White knight chronicles
-Eye of judgement

Do not mention Sony cause they have been the only 1 pumping out new ips and not living on old franchises. Like nintendo does with pokemon,mario and metroid or Microsoft with Halo. I will probably buy a wii when other M gets released but lets face it what mostly sells on the wii is crapware like wiifit or a franchise thats been around for 10 or more years.

Cevapi883103d ago (Edited 3103d ago )

so you guys are going to put those games up there with lets say Mario, Zelda, Metroid, Starfox....

why dont they bring back Donkey Kong, GoldenEye Wii, why not buy the rights to Shenume from Sega or hell work with Sega to release a Shenume game on the many endless possibilities

and the majority of the games you guys are giving me still attract a more casual crowd

idk about you guys but i have rarely seen anymore wii advertisements for their games let alone the consoles....the last one i remember is Wii Want to Play...that was a huge seeing more DS support than Wii support....i hope at E3 they prove me wrong becuase i do want to see the Wii succeed...not just in terms of sales but as a console that was pushing out more of what the Nintendo Gamers want

ThatArtGuy3103d ago

Actually, one of the complaints of the creator of Super Smash Bros. was that Nintendo hasn't made new characters since Pikmen.

Seekerofthewind3103d ago (Edited 3103d ago )

You asked for us to list some fresh, new ideas for IPs that Nintendo had a hand in. And I would heavily disagree with any notion that Pikmin and Chibi-Robo weren't new experiences for gaming, or that they 'attracted a more casual crowd'. Animal Crossing is debatable in the latter, Advance Wars/Battalion Wars/Xenoblade in the former.

And now you're saying that, instead of wanting Nintendo to make new, interesting IPs, for them to continue old IPs? Sir, I'm starting to think you don't know what you want.

@ThatArtGuy: May you give us a link to that? It's news to me...

tunaks13103d ago (Edited 3103d ago )

"Im just gonna make a little list of new games,ips by sony this gen.

-Heavenly sword
-Modnation racers
-White knight chronicles
-Eye of judgement

ok lets brake this down:
*Infamous is done by suckerpunch, and independent company, not sony
*warhawk is 1st party
*Folklore is not 1st party, its done by Game Republic
*Heavenly Sword is not 1st party, its Ninja Theory
* LBP and Modnation are 1st party
*White Knight is a collaboration between sony and level5, not exactly 1st party
*Motorstorm is 1st party
* Resistance is by insominiac games, not 1st party
*Uncharted is 1st party
*Mag is 1st party
*Eyepet is 1st party

5 games you listed are not by Sony, so...
a diagree? I listed facts?
I know the light hurts but don't worry Plato's got you covered.

N4g_null3103d ago

MajestieBeast to be fair how many of those games are made buy SONY in house?

Ok here is a list of games nintendo actually published. Sorry it's from a PDF we pay for....

I want to preface this with this idea. There is a convergence market happening that has failed and now defaulting back to it's origins. HD gaming is that market. For example the the PS2 had the worst graphics and was one of the hardest console to get code working great until the middle ware break throughs. Because of the things that now define the HD market it has attracted gamers who are not really into console gaming like 2d platformers or puzzle games or experimental gaming. There is a reason why no real new game types are appearing in the HD market. The gamers they have attracted are very similar to the GC and N64 gamers in that they only want certain games to be made and believe that making one game takes away from another. In a world of 20-40 million dollar budgets this is not true at all. Yet the current hardcore can not sustain this market. Sure you have great stuff to argue over yet thesse games have cuased over 4,000 and countless studios to close.


I think we have two or 3 Wii only devs that closed yet they where never going to make a big splash at all.

ape007 -
1 - with all due respect he nintendo wii is not in the same league as xbox 360 and ps3. // ACTUALLY you have a point there. The HD market is a dying market and as activision and other publishers continue they are using up the trust of the HD adult gamer. Sure younger gamers will keep buying defective products but adults will not. Which is why their is so much PS3 love simply because nintendo is not even in the HD biz yet. I can understand that yet one reason for the fall of HD gaming is it's almost complete lack of different types of games.

The PS3 is suppose to be an extension or upgrade to the PS2 right well where are my space shooters, platforming games, and other traditional console games. That fanbase has effectively turned those games into DLC or games that don't even try to use the full potential of the HD platform. Why would a hardcore gamer like my self love the wii? You do know I do own a neogeo also right? Yet I can get samurai showdown collection for the wii. Lots of games on the PC engine or turbo grafx where not played by me so I'm buying and beating those also, along with a bunch of games that simply still don't work emulation wise. The wii has all of this and a shooter that has it's own mod cummnity crazy huh? Try going here... http://www.blastworksdepot....
Ok you have hardcore gamers actualy reproducing classic games and game play with this wii game. What is funny is you can edit and publisher your game right from the wii. Why is that not in most HD games? The mod community is the ultimate way to show you have a hardcore game fan base. What is even funnier is these levels are fun GASP*.

"yeah it have some classic games, smg2 look insane but as a whole, it's not comparable " That's because it is the only console out right now. The HD console with all due respect are not competing for console like gamers. It is not even trying to get arcade gamers even.

"I know we've said this for 1mil+ times but seriously, some people still consider it a big player in the console war " They are the only people who made and successfully sold a 2d game to the masses this year. They are supporting some of the most niche games that will ever come out, Dynamic slash, sin and punishment2, they are the reason red steel 2 exist. I don't know that is far more hardcore than another FPS that is a slight clone and a complete lack of traditional console games. If you looked at the HD game scene and though about porting those games to the PC it would be a no brainer. Yet if you look at classic console games no one on PC wanted those games ported because they where made for a different market. It's very possible the real hardcore traditional gamer is going to be lost this gen.

Exactly, it's goal is to cater to the casual audience and only minimal to the hardcore.
So having access to the entire golden age is not catering to hardcore. Making a 2d game in the face of a game populace that only prefers 3d games and HD graphics and making it sell is minimal. Using your own money to fund other studios that are not even 2nd party to you to make games is minimal?

"1.2 - different perception of wii
its just that you dont hear much about Nintendo supporting/// So you own all SNES, Sega GEN, TG-16 and neogeo games?///
the Wii like we hear about the 360 and PS3...there are always new updates and firmware when you look at the 2 HD consoles...but when it comes to the Wii, its like Nintendo lost interest, they see that it is selling like why mess with it?? "

//SO you are saying nintendo needs to keep the media happy, the gaming media by talking about features and making new ones right? I think the best support is making games which MS should focus on more. I know you may be a gamer hooked on online gaming but many do not care. I mean MAG hasn't even sold over a million copies yet, Halo with out online would be pointless. What you guys don't understand is that is not really what console gaming is about. It the same reason the dreamcast had all of this stuff and failed. Real console gamers care about lots of different types of games and currently we have gamers who only buy what the reviewers tell them. Then we have the people that have been burned by that method of advertising. This all makes for a shrinking pool of gamers in a market that needs many MW2 like games to stay relevant if not to just provide people to play online.

baum -
1.4 - Wii fanboys incoming/// first of all we are not fanboys of the wii we like it but we all game in other places also I'm sure. In fact it's the only group that doesn't drink the corporate cool aid right now. If we don't like a game we don't buy it and you won't see us trading games in much.

I love it when they say the Wii has the largest amount of classic games (As if any hardcore gamer wants to re-buy games they've already played and that they have in their closet), the largest amount of "hardcore" games (conveniently ignoring every hardcore game that PS3, 360 and PC have, like every ideologue does), and that PS3, PC and 360 "only have shooters" (because they think that since shooters have become popular, then the platforms they don't like must be only about shooters, not to mention their completely selective ignorance of all the rail shooters on the Wii, which are much worse than any FPS on current-gen systems). They give me the best chuckles.

/// Fact the PC has some of the best shooters and Brink will join that bunch.
/// Where are the action adventure games, new puzzel games, arcade flight games, arcade style shooters, skill based gamee play, where is it? I've been waiting all gen for these games to start coming out they way they where on the PS2.


Attach rate is a moot point and very pointless. If PS3 has so many gamers then why do they all not agree to buy UT2? or even GOW3? Yet a raggedy old 2d game built for the laspe gamers aka hardcore gamers beats HD gaming top game type a FPS called MW2 where the publisher pretty much has to firre the leads because they don't want to run it into the ground. Yet the bigger question is why would they need to do such a thing? The answer lies in how much the HD games are actualy hurting these big publishers and why no one else can even expect to get a chance at making some thing new for HD gaming.

"I wanna know why Wii fanboys always omit relevant data in their arguments, do they honestly believe people are just as ignorant as they are? " Relevant as in opinions well because they are opinions, that never wins an argument.

"The only good argument from Nintendo to get support from third parties is the low(er) cost of game development, but that's not really good for gamers as that implies lots of shovelware. Worthless. " ////Your wrong on that. It has and will become a revenue source soon to support HD gaming. Put money on that.

1.5 -
Define victory.
Sales are fine.
They gained new and old fans, HD gaming is actually loosing them many will be upgrading their PCs.
They actually made the self proclaimed industry adopt their game play style with motion controls.
They are doing this with little or not help from the hype media... crazy.

Alpha-Male22 -
Great point Alpha. Another thing is lots of things helped boost the PS2 numbers. Defective consoles rebuys just like the xbox 360. Along with the same casual gaming based that bought the PS2 as a dvd player. Only difference is wii is bought as a exercise machine, retro game console station, archive, web browser, party pleaser and now net flix streamer as it's every day life functions.

Then on top of that they made top of the line sequels for their own games.
tunaks1 - let me add to your list...
1.7 -
"the nintendo wii is not in the same league as xbox 360 and ps3"
your right its not,
1) you wont find gray and brown games on wii
2) you wont find little kids trash talking on wii
3) you wont find a billion generic fps on wii
4) you wont have fps games that control like boats on wii
5) you won't find a lack of Action-RPG, Adventure , Beat 'em Up, Fighting, JRPG, Pinball , Platformer , arcade racing, Puzzle, Recreation, Shmup, Sidescrolling Action, Single Screen / Arena Action, Sports, SRPG, Strategy, or 3rd person strategy shooters, Survival Horror, or experimental game play genres.
What you will find is:
1)IR precision - the best controls for a FPS on a CONSOLE
2) Games with color, you know those things that arent found in 80% of "next gen" games
2)a Games with actually art rather than realism as an excusse.
3)Platformers, ah the good old days and every thing I listed above.
4)Games that are games and not interactive movies even better true point and click games where you have to think.
5)Intuitive games like Boom Blox and Max & the Magic Marker,
6)1st party Nintendo goodness, Zelda, Mario, Metroid, Sin & Punishment, Pikmin,
7)First person sword play, Red Steel 2 can't be done on any other console
8)A gaming console, not a watered down PC, not trying to be everything just a gaming console with UNIQUE games
9)2D goodness with extra power
10)Virtual Console
11)A community that isnt on their high horse and doesn't feel the need to fight the others all the time.
mal_tez92 -
1.8 - My wii just collects dust.
There are very good games, all of which have the production quality of last-gen games.
That was not a problem for your PS2 was it?

My biggest problem with the Wii is its horrible control scheme, platformers are fiddly and shooters just DO NOT WORK! Time crisis on PS1 had 1:1 accurate shooting with a gun controller, but it seems the Wii took 10 steps backward from it./// That controller is different and can be made easily still it's just no one thinks it's as accurate as you say.

Redempteur -
Thanks for being a gamer man. The constant fighting is turning gamers into analysis or PR guys rather than great skilled gamers. Gaming needs more gamers not critics.

The wii has as much "unique and great games" in a set period IMO as the ps3 or the 360..and even if the nintendo fanboys are less vocal, you can not argue that there aren't great games on wii .( monster hunter tri ? red steel 2 ?and i only picked the most recent.. )

The only gamble nintendo lost was "wii music" others were Huge success true there are others though but I get your point...

2Spock -
ROFL....Obviously your lack with other consoles leave you in the dark. But hey you are entitled to your opinion, which there is only a select few of gamers feel the way you do. So you need to voice your opinion when you can, plus it gets good laughs.

So enlighten us what are we missing that we would like?

Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds
The crossover fighting franchise is back after a decade in the doldrums. WOW
o Genre: 2D Fighting
• Final Fantasy XIII
o Genre: Role-Playing
• Super Street Fighter IV
• Genre: 3D Fighting
• Uncharted 2
Uncharted 2: Siege Expansion Pack
Genre: Modern Action Adventure
• Grand Theft Auto IV: Episodes from Liberty City
o Genre: Modern Action Adventure
• God of War III
Genre: Fantasy Action Adventure
• Final Fight: Double Impact
Genre: Beat-'Em-Up
• Just Cause 2
o Genre: Modern Action Adventure
• Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
Genre: Modern First-Person Shooter
• Sengoku Basara: Samurai Heroes
o Genre: Beat-'Em-Up
• Demon's Souls
o Genre: Action Role-Playing
• Grand Theft Auto IV
o Genre: Modern Action Adventure
• Shaun White Skateboarding
o Genre: Alt. Sports
• Assassin's Creed II
o Genre: Historic Action Adventure /// seriously that is what they are calling it LOL like Asscreed actualy took place wow LOL...
• ModNation Racers
o Genre: Kart Racing

Animal Crossing: City Folk
Animal Crossing: Let's Go To The CityPAL Nintendo Nintendo 2008 Another Code: R - A Journey into Lost Memories Cing Nintendo 2009 Battalion Wars 2 Nintendo 2007 Big Brain Academy: Wii Degree Nintendo 2007 Captain Rainbow Skip Nintendo 2008 Disaster: Day of Crisis Monolith Soft Nintendo 2008 Donkey Kong Barrel Blast
Donkey Kong Jet RacePAL Nintendo 2007 Endless Ocean Arika Nintendo 2007 Endless Ocean 2: Adventures of the Deep Arika Nintendo 2009 Everyone's Common Knowledge Television Nintendo Nintendo 2008 Excite Truck Monster Games Nintendo 2006 Excitebots: Trick Racing Monster Games Nintendo 2009 Eyeshield 21: Field no Saikyou Senshi Tachi Eighting Nintendo 2007 Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn Intelligent Systems Nintendo 2007 Kensax Nintendo 2009 The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Nintendo Nintendo 2006 The Legend of Zelda (2010) Nintendo Nintendo 2010 Line Attack Heroes Grezzo Games Nintendo 2009 Link's Crossbow Training Nintendo Nintendo 2007 Mario Kart Wii Nintendo Nintendo 2008 Mario Party 8 Hudson Soft Nintendo 2007 Mario Strikers Charged Next Level Games Nintendo 2007 Mario Super Sluggers Namco Nintendo 2008 Metroid: Other M Nintendo
Team Ninja Nintendo 2010 Metroid Prime 3: Corruption Retro Studios Nintendo 2007 Metroid Prime: Trilogy Retro Studios Nintendo 2009 New Play Control! Chibi-Robo! Skip Nintendo 2009 New Play Control! Donkey Kong Jungle Beat Nintendo Nintendo 2009 New Play Control! Mario Power Tennis Camelot Nintendo 2009 New Play Control! Metroid Prime Retro Studios Nintendo 2009 New Play Control! Metroid Prime 2 Retro Studios Nintendo 2009 New Play Control! Pikmin Nintendo Nintendo 2009 New Play Control! Pikmin 2 Nintendo Nintendo 2009 New Super Mario Bros. Wii Nintendo Nintendo 2009 Pokémon Battle Revolution Nintendo 2006 Punch-Out!! Next Level Games Nintendo 2009 Sin and Punishment: Sora no Kōkeisha Treasure Nintendo 2009 Span Smasher Artoon Nintendo 2010 Super Mario Galaxy Nintendo Nintendo 2007 Super Mario Galaxy 2 Nintendo Nintendo 2010 Super Paper Mario Intelligent Systems Nintendo 2007 Super Smash Bros. Brawl Nintendo
Game Arts Nintendo 2008 Takuto of Magic Nintendo 2009 Wario Land: Shake It!NA
Wario Land: The Shake DimensionPAL Good Feel Nintendo 2008 WarioWare: Smooth Moves Nintendo
Intelligent Systems Nintendo 2006 Wii Chess Nintendo 2008 Wii Fit Nintendo Nintendo 2007 Wii Fit Plus Nintendo Nintendo 2009 Wii Music Nintendo Nintendo 2008 Wii Play Nintendo Nintendo 2006 Wii Sports Nintendo Nintendo 2006 Wii Sports Resort Nintendo Nintendo 2009 Zangeki no REGINLEIV Sandlot Nintendo 2010 Zero: Tsukihami no Kamen Tecmo
Grasshopper Manufacture Nintendo 2008

I'm sure there is more...

Mahr3102d ago

Guys, if I remember Mortal Kombat correctly, I think this means that scissor now gets to absorb your souls. :/

Cevapi883102d ago (Edited 3102d ago )

i didnt mean to start a flamewar...this is how i feel about the console...i have nothing against the wii...i wish it all the best because devs arent utilizing it to its fullest potential...thats just me...i dont know why people are getting mad

i know that its been a great success this far and it will sell millions more....but will a wii2 or totally new console sell as well if the actual gaming crowd knows what they got from the 1st wii

Seferoth753102d ago

You presume to know what a group of gamers thinks? You do not represent "real gamers" of the world. You just want to act like you to do play down a console and act like anyone that enjoys it must not be a true gamer. Tell me how long it takes you to get all the way through Punch Out sometime. I beat God of War1 and 2 with ease. Didnt bother playing the same game 3 times though.

I just hate it when some punk kid ties to act like anyone who doesnt hate a console the way they do isnt a gamer or that the millions who buy Wii games every month feel upset yet they keep buying games.
The facts simply prove you wrong.

Cevapi883102d ago

way to be immature there buddy...and im not some punk kid...i even said that this is how i feel...that its just my in no mood to start a flamewar with anyone...i love the games that i own on the wii because i know that everything possible was done to make them great and that is why i enjoy them whenever i have friends over...i just want to see that level of committment come back to the wii along with games that i can connect with

ChickeyCantor3102d ago

"what happened to coming up with new and innovative characters like they did in the 80's and 90's"

I love how innovation is associated with the characters.
Have you seen the hero of every damn game these days?
It looks like some woman gave birth to twins^infinite.

N4g_null3102d ago

Cevapi88 SORRY ABOUT THE LAST POST. It was a post for some thing else. Hey but i is very important to define what you like about gaming.

"1 - ohh Nintendo
do you guys remember how great these games were back in the NES and N64 days...people called the games revolutionary because they offered something new...and back then Zelda and Mario were fresh...yet today...its all about one remake after another...this is what i think of when I look at Nintendo....

what happened to coming up with new and innovative characters like they did in the 80's and 90's....its like they are playing it something new and exciting, at least we will know then that you are trying to please those who have been alienated by the crazy amount of casual games"

Yes I remember those days and those games where not revolutionary.. They where only new. I did not like the N64 as much as most gamers did also. N64 was by far nintendo weakest game play console to date. These remakes are about nintendo fixing that. My interest in MG2 is because they are addressing these things it seems. 3d mario games are devoid of fear and challenge. You almost don't have to think to play them. These sequels are about fixing that issue. Zelda has the same problem right now.

You sound like the type of gamer who plays games or collect them because of the figurines provided, similar to guy who bought spawn toys. The Spawn collectors bought these toys just to look at them, not play with them. People who need new ip like stories or graphic for their gaming needs are mostly collectors and are not really hooked on gaming any more.

A good way to tell if you like a game is if you play it after a few years or even often now. The difference between a gamer and a collector is graphics never age because we don't care about graphics we care about the game play. Game play doesn't age.... Most mainstream gamers don't understand this.

Another thing a gamer doesn't have to justify his games. I get a feeling many new HD gamers this gen are older males who are now hardcore gamers thanks to halo in college. They have to explain to the miss's why gaming is cool, they use emersion, tech, and other impressive things that would impress a female... yet a gamer just stands there, where is my F-ing game. MS and SONY just looks at them confused.

To state it better you are a type of gamer and unless you are an expert at a certain type of game or all games then you should not use hardcore. Not saying that you did but you should preface your complaint here by telling us what type of gamer you are.

You don't have any bubble left so you can send me a PM i usually answer every one that sends one.

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Raider693103d ago

There must be something wrong!The guy that wrote the news is a morron!Calling SUPER MARIO GALAXY HARD!WHAT A JOKE!

IWentBrokeForGaming3103d ago

and if casual gamers find a Mario game hard to play, maybe they shouldn't play games... hell, the Wii has half as many buttons as 360 and PS3... which in the end even more simplifys the gameplay... are people really just getting that lazy?

tunaks13103d ago

"Mario has ALWAYS been a casual franchise"

ChickeyCantor3102d ago

"and if casual gamers find a Mario game hard to play, maybe they shouldn't play games"

Or they could just keep trying?
There is no point in crying if you are to blame.


Im not sure how its hardcore either.
Dont get me wrong, but Nintendo has always been making their games for a wider audience, not just "hardcore" snobs.
The whole thing with Casual and Hardcore gamers is a load of BullC.
You either play games or you dont, and i know some elites would disagree, but hey calling yourself an elite tells you that you need some help anyway.

Enjoy games, dont try to find a meaning behind them.

Xfanboy3103d ago

becuz it's a casual game!!!

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