Jaffe: If You Pay For It, It's Not A Demo

Earlier this week, Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli defended EA Games' decision to have 'premium' demo's, of which gamers will pay for. Industry legend David Jaffe on the other hand, isn't too keen on the idea.

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SpaceSquirrel3193d ago

That's true. It wouldn't make sense for the publisher when they try to get you to buy the game with a demo that consumers have to pay for.

Shaman3193d ago

This guy is more boring then Greenburg and whole Crytek put together.

CernaML3193d ago

No. These are just random tweets that these so-called journalists turn into articles. It's starting to get very redundant.

3193d ago
Shaman3193d ago

theres not a day go by that Jeffe,Greenburg or Crytek dont spice N4G a bit,its getting boring.

PotNoodle3193d ago

Don't blame Jaffe though, it isn't his fault that he can't use twitter without people making an article about every little comment he makes.

Blaze9293193d ago (Edited 3193d ago )

I think people are just getting the whole concept wrong and using the word demo incorrectly with the new plan.

Take THQ for example who released that 90 minute 'demo' of Darksiders. That's what EA is suggesting doing but instead, more longer 'trials' but with a price. Basically pay a small fee to experience maybe 1-2 hours of the game.

Isn't that part of Sony's rumored premium PSN features anyway? Like basically playing a good portion of a game which would be way more then a demo?

For example, I could see maybe Activision releasing a multiplayer demo of the next Call of Duty which features maybe 2-3 maps and 1-2 modes with unlimited play. You aren't getting the full MP experience but you are still able to play multiplayer with what is given as much as you want for a small fee.

^ that idea doesnt sound too bad to me.

That's what it is really. Should be called extended play or something instead of demo if this kicks off.

NOW, if it's just regular demo formats that have been releasing free like they always have then anyone who goes that route can kiss my ass and millions of other gamers.

BattleAxe3193d ago

I will never be dumb enough to actually buy a demo. A demo is there so that you will hopefully buy the game if the developer is lucky enough.

AridSpider3193d ago

For example, I could see maybe Activision releasing a multiplayer demo of the next Call of Duty which features maybe 2-3 maps and 1-2 modes with unlimited play. You aren't getting the full MP experience but you are still able to play multiplayer with what is given as much as you want for a small fee. "

...that's actually a damn good idea....*runs to copyright agency*

respawnaction3193d ago

OMG! This site is getting obsessed with this guy. Okay,he makes great games, don't quote him every two minutes. Tomorrow I'll make, "Jaffe F* my mom, he said it was like a mini game" and it will reach 1200 degrees.

There should be a co-site to N4G called NewsFromJaffe.

Go ahead people,click that disagree button... -_-

darthv723193d ago

gt5 prologue really IS a game then. Now i dont mind so much.

Christopher3193d ago (Edited 3193d ago )

Two news articles from Jaffe and people call this 'overkill'?

Re: EA 'demo' concept ---

Unless I can deduct the $15-20 they want to charge me for the demo towards the full game when I've decided I want to buy it, there's no way I'd buy into that sort of thing.

Blaze brought up doing a small-portion multiplayer CoD type game, but EA doesn't want to do that. They want to give you 1-2 hours of single player experience, charge you for it, and hope you like it enough you'll go out and buy the game at full price as well.

It's an idiotic and d1ck1sh move, IMHO. Something we'd normally associated with Activision.

UnSelf3193d ago

On an all new "Jaffe says....."

DaTruth3193d ago (Edited 3193d ago )

The same jerks that buy up DLC by the storm and full priced expansions will pay for this and soon people will forget demos were ever free. Like when they brought us DLC that is already on the disk.

Remember when Rockstar use to make a whole new city for us and drop them on the market every year. Now they just make a new story in the same damn city and let us pay for the weapons they left out of the original. It really hurts me that people supported that... and worse, bragged about having the opportunity to get shafted exclusively! But it was just a timed exclusive shafting!

2Spock3193d ago

He makes great games you say! The only good game he made was the orginal GOW. Yes i know people he made 2 Twisted Metal games and i do not like that series.

TheBlackSmoke3193d ago

Except gt5:prologue has more content than most full priced racing games....and splinter cell conviction.

soxfan20053193d ago (Edited 3192d ago )

"Jerks who buy full priced expansions"? You're obviously referring to Halo 3:ODST.

Funny, you don't seem to have a problem with people who spend $40 (2/3 of full price) on a "prologue" which is less than 1/10th of a complete game - or at least what the competition's full games consist of.

Str8laced3192d ago

Name the racing games then. I want to know a single full priced racing game that only has 6 tracks or less like GT5P. You guys keep mouthing off with this so lets here it. Put up or shut up.


At least Jaffe makes statements more clever than Greenburg...Ouch.

cmrbe3192d ago

And what stops publishers from raising the price even further for these extended play?. I don't like it one bit. Its just another method for publishers to rip off more money from gamers. Before we know it we will pay the equivlent of the MP portion of game for these extended play demos to justify the rise in price of regular games. Look at DLC and where we are now. Before i bought a game it was the complete game now its not the complete experience which is stupid.

Tarasque3192d ago

Yep people can run their big yapper, but can not back it up. Me personally i think your an idiot if you paid 40 bucks for a 6 track racing game.

N4Flamers3192d ago

what you suggested has been done, its called a beta and they're free. I cant ever see myself paying for a demo, despite the length. The difference between a demo and a long trial would be that you will essentially pay for the same content again once the game is released.

If I have to pay to beta test a game then that company should pay me for doing it. The information that we provide them should not be free. Then again people could not be douche bags and keep gaming the way it is. Try improving gaming instead of looking for new ways to nickle and dime the gaming community.

darkmurder3192d ago

bb b u but Gran Turismo Prologue wasn't a demo!

N4BmpS3192d ago

Seriously why would you wanna pay for a demo? It's not like back in the day when you wanted to buy a magazine for the demo cd in the back.

Nihilism3192d ago

Holy crap, that's twice in as many days that i've agreed with Jaffe, never thought it would happen.

Comments like this and the game manual one coming from Scrooge Mc. Give-me-some-money-from-used-g ame-sales ???


Hill_billy3192d ago

I'm sorry but I don't see Jaffe's name under the article submitted by section above. Nor do I see his name at ConnectedConsoles where the article comes from. Why wold you hate on him when all he did was voice an opinion on his twitter? He is not the one you should direct your anger towards, you should direct it towards those who wrote the article or better yet, the one who submitted it here.

Serg3192d ago

I get the concept, I get that it makes sense to pay for it. What I don't get is why this concept has been announced by a PR-moron. They want to you to pay for a "demo", a term that has been associated with a small, free portion of a game, free. So immediatly people jump to the conclusion that you will pay for something that has been free before, not something new.

I think that's basicly what Jaffe tried to say. Don't call it a "demo" if you suggest something different.

InfectedDK3192d ago

I would seriously never buy a demo!
I would buy a cheap fun PSN game instead if it was this way..
Instead I would look at gameplay on youtube or try the game out elsewhere..
Stupid idea.. Nothing more to say about this..

A imed x S hot3192d ago

Quit stating your opinion as people are annoying.

BloodyNapkin3192d ago (Edited 3192d ago )

What's so hard to understand that he is stating his opinion. I didn't take it any other way. People like you are the reason why there is so much hate on this site. Gotta try to twist and turn stuff into something it isn't. But i agree with him the only good game he put out was GOW. Don't like my opinion tough you have to live with it.

And BTW, you can either state opinion or you can state facts you can not do both. Cause if it was facts it wouldn't be a opinion would it.

edgeofblade3192d ago

How much gameplay do you expect out of a $60 game? What about a $5-$10 demo?

People can get so hardheaded when money is involved. If the demo is, in itself, worth the price you pay for it... whoopty f-ing doo. It's business. Business in a free market. Either you pay for it and get it, or you don't and you don't. Either way, devs will only do this as long as they can make money and it doesn't harm the money making potential of the full title.

Ateanboy3192d ago

The developers can make all the "premium" demos they want... I won't be buying SH*T.

This news is only relevant to the dumb-asses that will be wasting their money on them.

I'm far too grown-up and intelligent to be peer-pressured into even buying DLC... Premium demos? Hehe... What a joke.

Consoldtobots3192d ago

this is the slippery slope that PAID DLC started us on. Many of us even called this. Next thing you know they will charge you to play online....
oh wait.

WTF ever happened to making a demo that MAKES people want to buy your product. Could it be that EAs half assed games suffer saleswise once people get a taste of them through a demo. EPIC FAIL.

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hikayu173193d ago

same here . i dont agree with him on a few stuffs like DLC pricing and wat not , but this time i gotta have to agree with him 100% . if it's a demo it MUST be free . the whole point of demo is to mass promote your game . making your possible customers to pay for your advertisement is just another way to give them the finger .

jaffe , you know you still have my respect ; ) .

Cevapi883193d ago

at least when he talks he doesnt sound like some MS or Sony rep/CEO...he is a gamer at heart

at least we know a Twisted Metal PS3 demo(i hope to God that is what he is making) is going to be free

JackBNimble3193d ago

Why would anyone pay for a demo? You may as well wait for the game to come out and then just rent it, at least you'll get your moneys worth that way.

DaTruth3193d ago

Kudos for figuring that out! Why the hell would I pay for part of a game, when I could rent it for the same price and rush through the whole damn thing if I don't want to buy it.

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Bigpappy3193d ago

Jaffe, your the man. I am going to do my best to play God of War just on that comment. I respect people with integrity. Not every aspect of a business should be about making money and screwing people over. This is obviously a developer who is a gamer at hart.

Rowsdower3192d ago (Edited 3192d ago )

"If u pay for it, it's not a demo. The idea of paying for something SMALLER than the retail version, like a taste that is MORE than a demo and less than a retail product I'm ok with. But it ain't a demo."

He is actually ok with the idea as long as you dont call it a demo; perhaps you could call it a Prologue.

kevco333193d ago

Yup. Not everything Jaffe says I agree with, but this I certainly do.

playstation_clan3192d ago

I mean come on, paying for a demo is a rip-off, whats next? paying to play a game online

oh wait....

TresTrendu3192d ago


I agree seriously

I means whats next release a controller taking some functions out then turn right around and release the same controller with the missings fucntions.

Speak2theHand3192d ago

I mean whats next

Put up a bunch of game's and arcade title's and don't put demo's up for people to try.

Tarasque3192d ago

I mean whats next

Put a 2 foot charging cable in your system package so you can't play and charge at the same time.

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Akagi3193d ago

From Wikipedia:

A game demo is a -----FREELY----- distributed demonstration or preview of an upcoming or recently released computer or video game.

SuperStrokey11233192d ago

Well if its on wikipedia it must be true then right?

Im just joking and I agree.

I also think that the word demo isnt the right word here, they should have called it something like prequel episodic content or something like that. Not a demo as thats just stupid. I refuse to pay a person to give them the opportunity to sell me something.