Freebie Mechwarrior 4 Release Coming Very Soon

The troubled re-release of Mechwarrior 4 now has the go-ahead, according to a news post at the MekTek site.

MekTek's 'Supermike' is optimistic that the release is just days away. "We should have it ready this weekend," he said.

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Karum3190d ago

I've been waiting on this for months!

I'd love to get some new info on the new Mech Warrior game though, the teaser video looks awesome!

NotSoSilentBob3190d ago

They have been saying this for 6 months now I will believe it when I see it

FragMnTagM3190d ago

would love me a new Mechwarrior game, especially for free.

palaeomerus3190d ago

Jeez. I think I first heard about this last June or so. Maybe it was July. Kind of taking their sweet time aren't they?

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