British Television Presenter Reveals New Halo: Reach Screenshots

With the embargo from this week's Halo: Reach multiplayer beta event having now lifted new screenshots have been released to the press. As with any developing story however, greater insight into the game is perhaps offered by those candid moments – those not official sanctioned by the game's published, but those taken on personal cameras, at moments not expected to be pictured by those holding the reins.

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GiantEnemyCrab3103d ago (Edited 3103d ago )

I guess I shouldn't comment on the graphic quality since they are camera pictures and it's MP and it's a beta but I swear that doesn't look any different than Halo 3. That last pick almost looks like the 3 year old game Shadowrun. Was really hoping Bungie would recruit some better art talent looks really dated as do the maps.

N4PS3G3103d ago (Edited 3103d ago )

The huge detail in the guns compared to the craptcaular looking guns in halo 3 just screams for you to buy some glasses man.

Just take a look at this sniper comparisons. *using a screencap*

aviator1893103d ago

The reason you may think that it looks the same is that both the games share an extremely close art style and those are just screenshots. You really should take a look at the gun comparisons, soldier comparisons, and facial comparisons between Halo 3 and Reach. It really makes a difference when you compare in HD.

SeanRL3103d ago (Edited 3103d ago )

It honestly seems like it's just Halo 3 with mildly better graphics and some extra gameplay features. I was really hoping this would be the game to redefine the series.

EDIT: Ok, the game definitely looks a lot better than Halo 3, but the gameplay still seems boring.

Blaze9293103d ago

People, if you don't get it then just stop bothering to comment on Reach articles. Looks like just Halo 3 to you ok, move on. Let the Halo fans enjoy it because you all clearly never will.

May 3rd!

GiantEnemyCrab3103d ago (Edited 3103d ago )

"The reason you may think that it looks the same is that both the games share an extremely close art style and those are just screenshots."

Agreed and that is my problem with it. Also my comment is specifically to these screen shots. The shot of the gun models does look improved but seems to be going from poor(Halo 3) to what the industry standard is now but nothing eye popping.

But like 1.3 said I was hoping they would take this opportunity to redefine the series since we are dealing with Reach now.

I am not speaking of game play, which is always fun and well balanced my criticism is on the graphics/tech/art style.

SeanRL3103d ago

exactly, this could be the last Halo game for a long time and they should go out with a bang.

van-essa3103d ago (Edited 3103d ago )

If all you care about is graphics, go play Killzone 2. If you want something new, play Pikmin or something...

hamburgerhill3103d ago (Edited 3103d ago )

Thanks for the sniper comparison shot! That looks way more realistic then part 3.

Mattey3103d ago

Theres no way they would reinvent halo. All the people who buy halo buy it because there is no other fps that plays as well as halo. So to try and mess everything up just to appease the fraction of people who don't love halo would be a huge mistake.

kevco333103d ago

I kinda agree with you here, Halo is a series in which they can't mess about too much, because the mainstream audience - not necessairly the hardcore gaming audience, mbut those who don't often read gaming websites or magazines - have an expectation of what a Halo game will be. Having reached the level of awareness that is has is no accident, and Microsoft will want to keep it there.

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g0green3103d ago

Moan all you want but halo is a fun game, i always here people nagging about technical statistics, and other trivial bull crap no one cares about. It comes down to being a great, well polished game that is really fun to play with friends. Pretty sure thats what games are for, quit the fanboy ranting.

mjolliffe3103d ago

Can't wait to get my hands on the beta :)

darkgunner3103d ago

Whoever disagreed apparently thinks you can wait to get your hands on the beta.

kevco333102d ago

Or maybe the disagreers were trying to say that THEY could wait for the game? Hmm? Ok, maybe not...

topgeareasy3103d ago

the halo 3 beta

GFX look the same

OldParr3103d ago

the good thing about halo is that is always receiving love. always updating, giving out DLC, the amount of content that it has like theater, forge, playlist customization, matchmaking updates and now reach with daily objectives. i havent seen any other console game out there with this amount of content. reach graphics are way better than halo 3 but not there yet to compete with gears, uncharted, or kz2. however, when we talk about kz2, it is always about graphics. they never talk about content or a decent gameplay or the crappy controls!!!

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