TopGear talks to Kazunori Yamauchi

TopGear caught up with gaming god - and car geek - Kazunori Yamauchi to talk about Stig, the TG test track, GT5 and Nissan's virtual/reality racing experiment. Take it away, Kazunori-san...

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Raf1k14111d ago

Not much there TBH. Would be nice to see him as the star in a reasonably priced car.

Fishy Fingers4111d ago

I wouldnt be surprised if they did that, probably around release. Good PR for the game, he's included the track, they used GT in an old episode to see if Clarkson could match his time.

In fact, I'm surprised it hasnt happened already.

Megaton4111d ago

Yeah, I'm pretty surprised he hasn't done a lap already. Seems like he'd be near the top of the list of people to get for it.

bnaked4111d ago


Yamauchi said:
"Since Gran Turismo first launched back in 1997 all the way up until Gran Turismo 4, the style hasn't really changed. But now I wanted to make it a new package and style for this game genre."


"We're still rushing with GT5 as we speak and will be doing so until the last possible moment, so we haven't come to any conclusions on any of these just yet. There might be one or two cars which drop off if we run out of time."

Sony has set a limit!

Dylantalon14111d ago

cant wait for gran turimo 5 the real driving simulator.

beeeffess4111d ago

Why hasn't there been a single picture of the Top Gear track in GT5?

Please someone prove me wrong and show me a picture of it.