The Very Best of Final Fantasy

"Who would have thought SquareSoft's last attempt in the game market would have lead to one of the greatest gaming franchises around?

Needless to say Final Fantasy is one of the greatest gaming franchises of our time, with a legacy of 13 main series games, all of which have sold in the millions across dozens of different platforms. With forever the best graphics, the greatest gameplay, and the most compelling stories that go unrivalled within the gaming world.

Needless to say though Final Fantasy does have some bad to it's names. There are of course, a few titles that should be forgotten about, and a few others that deserve a place in history. Because we love Final Fantasy here at, we're going to countdown the very best 5 Final Fantasy games."

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Godmars2903191d ago

Not only list FF"XI" (Yeah, I know its "9") but FFVI, FFV and FFIV are no where on it.

How the fu*k do you call yourself a FF fan, have any knowledge of the series, and not include those games on any FF list?

hay3191d ago (Edited 3191d ago )

Yup, some people's freedom of speech should be taken by force.

Name it "My favourite FF games" if you want to promote this BS.

It's nowhere close list what most people would describe by "very best".

No offense mate.

joshh3191d ago

because they're not as good as the other 5.