Epic Advertising: The Importance of Being Different

Koku writes: "I think that most people who enjoy entertainment know what it means to have a dime-a-dozen action advertisement. Assorted hero or heroine faces down seemingly impossible amounts of cannon fodder whilst epic music plays in the background. It's a type of advertisement that we've all seen, and we're all sick of. What's worse about this sort of advertisement is that it does nothing to help the consumer remember the product unless it's a big name. Let's face it. Master Chief and the Arbiter could be in a commercial with them flipping hamburgers at Hardee's and singing "Jingle Bells" and it the series would still sell millions."

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cain1413155d ago

The Gears 1 and 2 ads were two of my personal favorites.

Ziriux3155d ago

I loved the Gears 2 ad with the one song. the game didn't come out as well as the commercial though. :(

Christopher3155d ago

The _only_ thing I liked with the Gears 2 and 3 ads was the music choice. Otherwise, I don't think I would have been very interested in them. Heck, the only thing I think about is the music in them and not the trailer itself :p

The same thing kind of happens with the PS3 "It Only Does Everything" commercials with Kevin Butler. I don't pay attention to the game so much as Kevin Butler and the comedic elements.

Lifendz3154d ago

I appreciate them just as much as the humorous ads that Sony puts out. But if I had to chose, I'm giving the nod to Epic. The music, the direction, the pacing...all unparalleled.

Ziriux3155d ago

Gears of War doesn't need advertising, it's haxorz.

Valay3155d ago

Those Wii Would Like to Play commercials were kind of neat.

Ziriux3155d ago

I hate the We would like to play commercials.

Carnage12903155d ago

Yeah, Epic always makes great adds, the commercial for Gears 1 is my favorite video game add ever.

comp_ali3155d ago

when they announced Portal 2 ;)

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The story is too old to be commented.