Spawn Kill - Agree to Disagree 06: Children and Video Games

Dana "Heart1lly" Russo writes:

"Children are no strangers to online games, whether they are playing them on Xbox Live or in an MMORPG. ESRB ratings are in place so that parents can make informed decisions for their children and decide whether or not they are allowed to play. Some parents have decided that yes, their 9-year-old is ready to play games such as God of War 3, which has a mature rating. It isn't my business to tell someone what their child can and cannot play. That's their job. But what about children in online games such as World of Warcraft and Halo 3?"

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K-Tuck3102d ago

Hm.. Time to consider my viewpoint.

theherp803102d ago

M rated games should just be like porn, you cant get it unless you are of age and they should be in a sep room with red lighting.

GeoScore3102d ago

Sounds to me like this dude is just tired of hearing kids online... A little prejudice in my opinion.. The way I see it, kids are gonna grow up to be swearing, defiant, sexual deviants later on in life anyway - so why not allow it into their lives earlier?

In all honesty... Im slightly joking.. The only thing I would push as a parent is try to let them be a kid for a while.. Try to get them to play more games that would be more "age appropriate." I don't have a problem with swearing, and I don't mind gore or sex AS LONG as the kid is ready... When they show interest, you have to open up to them; introduce them to things earlier on - or they are gonna end up like me.. Raised in a strict household where when I got older I wanted to do as much crap as possible just to piss my parents off. I wouldn't want that kind of relationship with my child.. So in a way I disagree and agree with the author's opinion.. but its really the parents responsibility in this case.

Heart1lly3102d ago

Though I do just want to clarify one teensy detail...
Not a "dude", rather a chick. :P

GeoScore3102d ago

oops sorry... I never read the fine print :D

Heart1lly3102d ago

Hey it's not problem, I just wanted to let you know!