PSN Lacks Security, Action Required

TQcast author writes: Ok, it's getting a bit annoying having to deal with these chain letters aka scams via the PSN. The latest being the reported 'Free PSN Code' generator website, that promises free $20 or $50 PSN codes if you refer friends to the site. Apparently, these chain letters that have floated around the PSN are a complete scam, and some how, hackers are using it to compromise your PSN account information, including your stored credit card info if any.

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VampHuntD3104d ago

DON'T CLICK THE LINK. Duh, how dumb are people that are still falling for crap like this? There are millions of scams out there designed to steal your info. Let's get a few things straight:

1. There is no one in Africa trying to send you millions of dollars
2. Microsoft is not paying anyone for forwarding chainmail
3. Sony is not going to charge for PSN and the only way you can escape it is by forwarding messages.
4. Lastly, if it gives you alink or says go to Sony's website, go to the website youself and see if it's mentioned anywhere. DO NOT CLICK THE LINK EVER.

This is why sites like paypal and ebay use your name when they send an email, scammers shouldn't have that data and it's an easy spot between a real email and a fake.

WildArmed3104d ago

lol.. there was an article about it earlier this week.

It made it seem like the ps3 was 'hacked' but instead someone just gave their info away.
Thats called scamming.. and in the world of the INTERNETZ you should be used to it by now..
if not, come back when you 13 hours old and know how the world works.

This has nothing to do w/ Sony, just the stupidity of the user.

vhero3104d ago (Edited 3104d ago )

Plus there is nothing Sony can do about this. It's not sonys fault either! Why are sites blaming sony for this?? These chain letters have been going around for years trying to get credit card/paypal/360/ps3/email/bank accounts. The way people are posting these articles you would think they actual network itself is being hacked and its not.

Its not like the the 360 account gen... If people wanna know what that is its a generator that checks millions of usernames against passwords for matches when it finds one lets you know. All you do is add words to it.... It uses hotmail/msn to check and authenticate details.. Using it people can easily hack your 360 accounts and buy games/gold and even sell your accounts.. The only way to secure you against these is make a unique password with a mix of letters and numbers as these gens usually search for simple words.. I won't tell you where you can find this nor tell you what to search for (its not called 360 account gen) I have never used one and do NOT condone using one of these hacking programs either. In fact you can't actually download it for free you have to pay for it and it's quite a lot of money..

Demons Souls3104d ago

The people are giving their information to a site that isn't official nor does it look legit in any way. Obviously, they can use all the info you gave them to get into your account through customer support just like they do with XBL.

Philaroni3104d ago

So wait, I have got hundreds of chain letters on XBL since I first started to play it back in the Halo 2 days. Its basically Spam. I'd expect to see more of it rather then leas as game systems get more popular. This is not just a PSN or even just a console.

xGet_In_There3104d ago

Your a fu**ing moron if you even open these. Im pis*ed they scam N4G with these retarded articles. Id rather read a review of MW2 3 years after the release.

tripewire3104d ago

Seems to me someone at TQ got pwned by scammers and thinks it's Sonys fault that his an idiot.


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