Xbox 360 Arcade for $100 At Barnes & Noble

Worthplaying writes, "Rumors about an Xbox 360 price drop and a new "slim" system have been swirling ever since the photos of the alleged Xbox 360 "slim" motherboard hit the net. While major online retailers such as Dell and Amazon have been regularly discounting the Xbox 360 Arcade at $150, Barnes and Noble put the system on sale today for a mere $100.

Since Barnes and Noble doesn't stock games directly (all of its orders are fulfilled by Gamestop), such a drastic discount on the price can only indicate one thing – Microsoft is attempting to clear the channel before introducing new hardware. We saw the same sort of discounting last year, shortly before Sony introduced the PS3 Slim."

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qface643101d ago

i thought they only sold books?
this is the same book store right?

Syriel3100d ago

Yes, same store. They also sell video games on their web site. All the B&N video games however are "fulfilled by GameStop." They basically use Gamestop's stock to deliver on all their sales.

Incidentally, both B&N and GameStop are now showing "out of stock" for the Xbox 360 Arcade. Guess the sale worked.