Lord of the Rings Is Overdone

....Quit doing Lord of the Rings remakes already! Guy writes some books in like, the year 200, and we have to have a remake of it every two years since? Come on! The guy's dead--it's not like the story is going to change--amirite? Having owned, as a family, nearly every version of Lord of the Rings out there, Amy Nelson at Goozer Nation is struck by the same thought nearly every time one gets popped in the console/dvd player/blu-ray, etc. Dude! They. Are. All. The. Same.

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tunaks13106d ago

Conquest was so dam bad, got it for the PC, played four an hour and now it just sits on my desk.
Not only did the gameplay suck, but it was so far from the lore!
I had a battle were there were mages running around and like 4 soldiers! I dont remember mages fighting in the War of the ring in the movies or the books!
Aragorn's Quest has me intrigued, the plot of sam re-telling Aragorn's story is clever, and more importantly HeadStrong(for the wii version that is) they've got some experience HOTD OK, and the awesome Battalion Wars 2.

Hellsvacancy3106d ago

It was a dreadful game, makes u think if the Devs even play there own games

tunaks13106d ago

yeah, its seemed so rushed and a waste of an opportunity
For me the last good lord of the rings game was ROTK on the ps2, and hopefully Aragorns quest will do good

averyzoe3106d ago

...if they ever actually decide to release it.

JimmyJames703106d ago

I've never played an LOTR game, although I was tempted to get the last one for the 360, but then I played the demo and I was like meh.