Death To Deathmatch! 5 Ways to Spice up Competitive Multiplayer Shooters

Joe DeLia of TheGameReviews writes: "Way back in 1996, I used to play a lot of Duke Nukem 3D online. Sure, it wasn't anything innovative, but the simplistic fun of shrink-raying and stepping on buddies is something that I'll never forget. 14 years later, while the multiplayer shooter has made some tremendous strides forward I feel as if these games haven't fully embraced the latest technology as much as they should have. Sure, you can now earn XP and levels as you play, vehicles have become a standard, and objective-based modes are slowly eclipsing deathmatch, but the follow the leader design mentality that so many developers are guilty of is burning me out. Here, I list five possible additions that could improve the multiplayer scene. All of them have been successfully employed at least once during this generation, but, for whatever reason, other developers haven't bothered standardizing these ideas. Of course, as Gears of War's cover system proved, being first isn't always as important as being the one who does it correctly. Here are my suggestions for five ways to spice up competitive multiplayer shooter."

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mrv3213103d ago

SQUAD deathmatch is the best, 3 vs.3 vs.3 vs.3 is so good. BC2 has spoiled me.

shoinan3103d ago

I'm still a fan of plain old, regular old death match. One vs the rest. But hey. I'm just anti-change ;)

Krud3103d ago

Another way to spice up multiplayer: spend almost a decade with such an abysmal ping that you simply can't participate, so that by the time you do have a fast enough connection, it's all brand new to you! ';D (I don't recommend this method, btw. The prep-time is a pain.)

I like the ideas in your article, though user-content in multiplayer could quickly mushroom in size. (I'm not even talking about connection speed; I've quickly filled up my half-terabyte hard drive with games and DLC. [Yeah, I need a bigger drive.])

Haly3103d ago

User generated content seems the best idea to me, assuming it's well moderated of course

BetaChris3103d ago

Some good ideas here, assuming they do not eventually become over-used, as many would argue traditional deathmatch has.

mr durand pierre3103d ago

All good suggestion, though I'd like to throw one more into the ring; splitscreen! I can't tell you how disappointed I was when after singing the praises of Uncharted 2 and how much better a shooter it was than Gears of War, I went to play co-op with my g/f only to realize there was no splitscreen option. Just because most people have broadband doesn't mean we need to use it all the time.

midi3103d ago

There's definitely not enough splitscreen around these days.

shoinan3102d ago

That's the future I want : )