Batman: Arkham Asylum getting new DLC

Big Batman: Arkham Asylum fan? Feeling a bit blue that now the Game Of The Year edition's out the way, you've a long wait to the sequel?

Hold those horses. CVG has learnt that Rocksteady is recruiting for staff to build brand new DLC for the original title

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Blaze9293106d ago

"CVG has learnt that Rocksteady is recruiting for staff to build brand new DLC for the original title"


wow are these 'journalist' even required to go to school anymore?

on topic, already sold my copy so...too bad.

Fishy Fingers3106d ago (Edited 3106d ago )

There is nothing wrong with 'learnt', its a verb, as in, to learn. It's part of the English language.

Brodiesan3106d ago

Good job! Maybe Google the word before you start discounting a journalist's ability to write?

Verb: learn (learned, also learnt)
- Acquire or gain knowledge or skills.

It's a style preference as to which word journalists decide to use.

ProA0073106d ago (Edited 3106d ago )

You clearly didn't graduate from High School. Learnt is not an accepted word in the English vocabulary. Although it has meaning, the correct use of learn in past tense is LEARNED not no freaking learnt. Wtf is learnt? Blaze is right

AridSpider3106d ago (Edited 3106d ago )

Learnt is more common in British English, and learned in American English. It's an irregular verb, and this is a part of their irregularity.

As ProA above pointed it, it really isn't accepted and journalist, in which Blaze pointed out, "that go to school" learn never to use that in writing.

But really, who cares.

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darthv723106d ago

it could be released for the 360 considering it was originally dlc for the ps3 to begin with. Oh well, it isnt like it really has any bearing on the actual games story. it was bonus missions but still would have been nice to play as the joker in the real game. Not sure as to why it was exclusive but got to have something to distinguish one from the other.

BlackTar1873106d ago

Joker was only for challenge mode

LtSkittles3106d ago

Yeah, it was 8 challenge maps, and no story mode for the Joker. It goes both ways with the dlc issue, except for the fact that the maps were free. I mean I hated the fact that F03 got dlc, and same with GTA IV.

AriesFury3106d ago

then it's going to be repacked with all the DLC added just like Fallout 3.

LtSkittles3106d ago

They already did a goty version, I dk when, or if it already came out. It also added 3d.