Recommended 3D Glasses For 3D Gaming

GUNNAR i-AMP3D lens technology brings performance optics that have previously been reserved for the highest level of movie making to today's 3D viewer. They are now listed on for those who like to be up to date with the latest tech out.

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NateNater3732d ago

But they cost around $100. A bit pricey if you ask me.

NSG3731d ago

Yeah $100 is a bit pricy, but it's better than those annoying paper glasses imo if you can afford it There's just a major itch to me lol


At least the Glasses are included in the 3DTVs (from Sony TVs I think).

DERKADER3731d ago (Edited 3731d ago )

I'm not getting anywhere near 3D till at least next year. Too expensive and not enough support/programming.

@above: Sony High end Bravias will come with glasses and transmitter built in, their lower end 3D TV will require you to buy a separate 3D kit.

Christopher3731d ago

Do they have glasses that make 3D possible for a person who's blind in one eye?

NateNater3731d ago

If you are fully blind in one eye? I doubt it, unfortunately, because the 3d image is produced by presenting a separate image to each eye I don't think 3D would work. If it did work, and it might because I'm not exactly 100% sure on this, I didn't find any companies that made the glasses you're looking for. But keep searching and good luck :)

You could read these for some more info.

Christopher3731d ago

@drummerx2709: Hehe, I was mostly being sarcastic. I'm not 100% blind, probably about 90% though. I can't 'see' 3D, but I can get a nasty headache from the overlapping images. Thanks for trying, though :)

The only 3D that works for me is if it's a holographic image that is itself a 3D representation of the image. I hope 3D kind of dies off again since all it's done for me is watch movies that purposefully put in random scenes where things are pointing at the audience for no reason other than to provide a 3D effect but otherwise look pointless for 2D viewers.

Hideo_Kojima3731d ago

That a lot people here do not fully understand what 3D is in this 3D TVs.

Christopher3731d ago

@Guntrol: Care to elucidate on that topic? I'm being serious with the question, I'd like to know more.

shawnsl653731d ago

well you know the REAL D that they use in the cinema (how to train a dragon, avatar, clash of the titan), the 3d works even with 1 eye closed. I've tried.

BryanBegins3731d ago

No it doesn't! I laughed really bad when reading your comment! If you close one eye, you see a net picture but in 2D. This is the whole principle of the glasses: each eye sees a slightly different picture and your brain mixes the two to form a 3D picture. Exactly like in real life.

I have no idea how you were able to think the picture was in 3D while closing one eye. But this is just impossible. Made me laugh so, as I've said.

shawnsl653731d ago (Edited 3731d ago )

u may think it's funny reading my comment, but i have 1 fuked up eye that's blind. As I've said earlier, I've tried and it works. RealD is not to be confused with 3d/CrystalEyes.

Jaces3731d ago

Yet you see people pay out the ass for some Oakley's.

I don't think 100 for those glasses is asking much of anything. Hell you can even wear them outside if you wanted. =P

BryanBegins3731d ago

What you're saying is simply impossible. It's like telling me: I was watching regular tv and it was in 3D. I've tried closing one eye while watchig a Real 3D and it was in 2D, as it should be. I sincerly think you were just tricked by convincing yourself it was in 3D or something.

And btw, my mom has the same problem as you, she only sees from one eye. The doctors have tried correcting her other eye but it doesn't seem to work. She's passing a lot of tests, included looking at 3D pictures with glasses. And btw, I didn't laugh because you were blind from one eye, which I didn't know. I laughed because you can't see in 3D with only one eye. Anyway now that I know that you are actually blind from one eye, then there is no debate. You don't even real life in 3D... At best, your brain can create some kind of 3D experience which is not complete, with only some kind of depth perception.

Just go on the official website of Real 3D, you'll see you are completely wrong:
They're giving you the exact same explanation I gave you.

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iNFAMOUZ13731d ago

the samsung ones cost twice that, I think it was something like 150 or 350

divideby03731d ago

what do people do if they have to wear normal corrective lenses to watch TV... they have to wear them under these 3D glasses ?

dgroundwater3731d ago

Well I plan on getting contacts anyway. But yeah I guess you would have to.

NateNater3731d ago (Edited 3731d ago )

I wear glasses. Tried contacts but I couldn't get used to them. Maybe someone will make a pair of 3D glasses that fits properly over regular glasses. I'd buy 'em.

Thanks. I'll admit I sadly didn't read that part lol

NSG3731d ago

Taken from article:

"For people with corrected vision there is no need to worry! GUNNAR Optiks Digital Eyewear is an excellent "out-of-the-box" solution for people with 20/20 vision or vision corrected 20/20 (i.e. contact lenses or with lasik eye-surgery).

If you have prescription needs you can use our GUNNAR RX Program below:

If you need prescription Gunnars, after you buy your GUNNAR frames you have several options:

1. Visit your nearest authorized GUNNAR Rx provider
Find the location nearest you by visiting our retail locator at

2. Visit your personal eye care provider
If your doctor is not an authorized GUNNAR Rx provider, please have them contact Gunnar manufacturers for more information on how to place your prescription order at (858) 769-2542

3. Contact GUNNAR
If you are not having any luck or still have questions then email Gunnar at:
[email protected]

Charges for prescription services will depend on each individual doctor and on
the exact prescription. Some costs may be reimbursable by VSP and other insurance providers.

Not all GUNNAR Frames are Rx Compatible"

Hideo_Kojima3731d ago

I would strongly recommend you find a good contact lenses brand that suits you... Personally I have no issue no matter what brand I get but my sisters eyes get red unless she buys a certain brand.

Once you get used to them and find a brand that is good enough for you you will never want to go back to glasses everything is so much more natural with contacts.

And of course they work perfectly with any type of 3D Glasses.

SixZeroFour3731d ago

i have both, i wear contacts when going out, and glasses when in my house...not any real particular reason, but i personally dont prefer to wear contacts when playing games, it really irritates my eyes when viewing a screen for long periods of times

what they should do is possibly make 3d contact lens' (non prescription, like colored contacts) and just wear your corrective lenses over those, shouldnt mess up your vision i suppose, but its still the same problem for me with wearing contacts and looking at a screen

i dont really know if personally 3d gaming is for me anyways...didnt quite do it for me when i was watching clash of the titans, so prolly wont do much for me when gaming, but who knows

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cobraagent3731d ago

Isn't it cheaper to go watch a 3d movie in theaters and then keep the glasses?

NateNater3731d ago (Edited 3731d ago )

Yes but if you look at the article, the ones shown are a lot better than the ones you get from the theater.

Watching in theaters is also a different type of 3D than what you will be experiencing at home. So the glasses from the theater are a different kind.

Microsoft_Spokesman3731d ago

I agree. But don't they use different technology? Or the same one?

hazelamy3731d ago

there are two ways of doing 3d, if you ignore the old red/blue anglyph method that none of the new systems will be using, there's the polorisation method which is what the 3d cinemas use and there's the alternating lcd shutter method where one lense is blocked to time with the images on the screen and then the other lense, so when the left image is showing the right lense will be blocked and then when the right image is showing the left lense will be blocked.
most 3d tvs use the polorisation method as they don't require any active hardware for everybody that wants to view then, just a much cheaper pair of polorised glasses.
the lcd shutter method is more often used for pc than 3d tv because usually there's only one person sitting in front of a pc where you could have the whole family watching the tv together.
so yeah, the cheap glasses from the cinema are functionally the same as the ones you'll get with most 3d tvs, but they may be less comfortable and make the image darker.

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Qui-Gon Jim3731d ago

These glasses are the polarized type. 3D TV's use "alternate frame sequencing" with the active shutter LCD glasses. These would be great for gaming if your playing on a projector in a movie theater, but they won't do diddly squat in your living room.

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