Get StarCraft II Beta Access With GameStop Pre-Order

StarCraft II might not get an open beta but there is a way to ensure a spot in the closed beta. GameStop is offering access to pre-order customers.

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ruibo3128d ago

For those who are preordering the collector’s edition for $99.99, there is a 25% off coupon code for purchases over $100. Just pick any random filler item to boost it over $100 and enter in the code “25OFF” and get yourself a nice little discount.

General Shrooms3127d ago

In the middle of the page for the collectors addition it says " This product is not eligible for %-off discount offers "

JsonHenry3128d ago

Finally a way in for me!

JsonHenry3128d ago

Dang, I have no idea what I am doing in this game..

TrenchaunT3128d ago


I already preordered in the store a few days ago, but I just had to come in and show them the receipt, and they returned it and re-preordered it. Then the code was on my new receipt.