Pluggedin: Final Fantasy XIII Review

By now, most fans of Final Fantasy understand that the franchise isn't accurately named. Because after 13 primary iterations (plus handfuls of spin-offs) stretching back to 1987, there's very little finality to be found anywhere in this Japanese role-playing franchise that's already sold 75 million copies.

Neither does it have any sort of rock-solid consistency. You can think of Final Fantasy like an experimental rock 'n' roll band that has an identifiable backbeat but plays around with a different vibe on every album. Final Fantasy XII, which came out in 2006, has a vaguely Dungeons & Dragons feel to it. Final Fantasy XIII camps out on the science fiction end of the fantasy spectrum. A bit of magic gets mingled into the proceedings, but mostly it's about six characters caught up in a dramatic, futuristic civil war, with their fate hanging in the balance between two alien worlds.

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