ATI: Wii Graphics at E3 "Tip of the Iceberg"

Although by many accounts Nintendo stole the show at this year's E3 with an impressive Wii showing, the graphics of the Wii games were far from impressive. GameDaily spoke with an ATI representative who explained that what we saw was just the "tip of the iceberg." The "Hollywood" GPU may be more powerful than we think.

While Microsoft and Sony are busy pushing polygons and stressing high-definition content, Nintendo has let graphics take a "backseat," if you will, to the unique functionality of the Wii-mote. Many people who viewed and played Wii games at E3 this year would tell you that the visuals looked roughly on par with what users already see on their GameCubes.

But that doesn't mean that Wii games will simply look like GameCube titles using a unique control method. Nintendo already told us that the hardware being used at E3 was not finalized. Moreover, during the show GameDaily BIZ met with ATI, which is providing the "Hollywood" GPU for the Wii, and John Swinimer, Senior Public Relations Manager of Consumer Products, emphasized that the Wii architecture is capable of producing far better results than what we've witnessed thus far. "I think what you saw [on Wii] was just the tip of the iceberg of what the Hollywood chip can bring to the Nintendo Wii," he said.

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Sexius Maximus6324d ago

Graphics improve with time. The Wii will not compete graphically, but it'll still improve greatly in the area.

Marriot VP6324d ago

sick of nintendo not releasing specs. I know they don't want to lay down all their cards cause it will cause a dissapointment or absolution for consumers. It's kind of like letting fans down too early, although most know it'll be not so powerful of a console.

calderra6323d ago

Before it's all over, the graphics might even look like original Xbox! XD

Not to rain on Wii's parade or anything, but even if the system only costs $200... will it look $50 better than regular ol' Xbox, which has a hard drive the Wii won't? The Wii will have a small chunk of onboard flash space, though, so that may be sort of equal... but still. Unless the Wii is truly hiding something, couldn't a revised and repurposed Gamecube crank out all the power and features of the Wii?

Then again, the Wii will have onboard wireless, so maybe I'm talking out of my own arse here, but talk of the Wii pushing up to $230 or even $250 seems ludicrous. $200 is a pretty obvious price for the hardware, if current graphical expectations are anything to go by.

shotty6324d ago

Wii should look good since it's GPU isn't burdened by spiting out high resolutions i.e 1280 x 720 and 1920 x 1080. So it can produce some pretty graphics just not like the other 2. Better than the GC that's for sure. Maybe like the xbox 1but with anti alaising and some other newer features

FadeToBlack6322d ago

With the amount of power the 360 and p3 harness its hardly a burden for them to push out 720p and 1080i. Your statement is also contradictive because the resolution has alot to do with how good the image looks epsecially on larger HDTV's. I dont care how pretty they make the textures in 480p they will still look blury in comparison to 720p and 1080i on my tv.
IMO Nintendo could have gone at least 720p since hdtv is getting so popular now.

Krimson6322d ago

It's easy to glaze over the lack of graphical power right now, but most people are still gaming on last-gen machines, so it doesn't seem like a big deal. 3-4 years down the line when the 360 and PS3 are running at full bore and PC graphics taking off even further, the Wii's graphics will be a joke.

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