Meodia: 20 Shamefully Overlooked Games

J A writes: Below is a list of games that have been shamefully overlooked, the great unwashed saw these games on the shelves and decided to pick up something else leaving these little gems to rot. We at Meodia understand; games cost a lot of money and you know that the next game in your favourite franchise probably won't disappoint you (unless your favourite franchise is Sonic) but some games really did deserve your attention.

To be on the list they must fulfil three criteria;
1: They must have been released in multiple regions: no point saying that 'Fatal Frame IV: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse' didn't sell in America and it seems to have an underwhelming number of supporters in Europe, when it never saw light of day outside of Japan.
2: They must have had generally good reviews: yeah 'Aquaman: Battle for Atlantis' only sold 1000 copies in the first week and nobody talks about it, but that's because it was a rubbish game that deserves to be forgotten.
3: Lastly it had to have sold poorly: Fallout 3 overlooked, not really. God Of War the great forgotten game of the last decade, umm no. The game has to be good but for one reason or another it never managed to sell.

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Cajun Chicken3101d ago

I always thought Haven on PS2 was criminally overlooked.

NateNater3101d ago

Shame on the gaming world for overlooking all of these great games, especially Okami. I don't care what Roger Ebert says, that game is a work of art.

Elwenil3101d ago

I loved that game years ago. It had a lot of Monty Python humor in it and was good entertainment for a few hours. I still laugh when I think of the Catapult, lol.

The original Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain was also a very good game that I still have laying around here somewhere. Much better than the Soul Reaver games that followed it in my opinion.

AEtherbane3101d ago

Will forever be one of my favorite games, one of best I've ever played still to this day.