Bungie: Halo Reach Is The Best Game We've Made

Bungie and Halo Reach's Lead Multiplayer Designer Lars Bakken has said that Halo Reach is the best game Bungie's ever made.

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NOOBKILLA3101d ago

I can't wait to play it. The visuals look great!!

FishCake9T43101d ago

Agreed. IMO this is the game 360 has been waiting for for a long time. Next gen Halo with the quality it delivered on the the original XBOX.

IrishAssa3101d ago

It should be, havn't they only made the Halo games and some other one?
Reach is a sequel(prequel really) and if it wasn't better, i'd be a good bit annoyied. Luckly it does look alot better through vids