127 GAME stores to close by winter 2013, "minimising store overlap"

Aside from CEO Lisa Morgan resigning her post after four years, UK retailer GAME also announced that 127 stores will shutter by late 2013.

This will leave 550 GAME and GameStation outlets operating. They'll wait for "lease expiries, breaks" before closing them. It'll help save millions.

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Cajun Chicken3730d ago

That's not too good. I like browsing in my local GAME and Gamestations.

ian723730d ago

Game and Gamestation are good shops if you are after secondhand/used games. New games are cheaper in big supermarkets, thats where I go if I want a new game. Game/ Gamestation do sell used games fairly cheap and you can sometimes get a great bargain. Its very rare I trade in any games as you don't get very much, you get more for trading for another game than for cash though.
I like going into my local Game/Gamestation cause you can pick up some great used games cheap.

Calm Down Sunshine3730d ago

The store overlap is quite often a good thing, for gamers anyway.

If a games out of stock in one store, there's the chance it'll be in stock in the other store.

This mostly applies to older games though, as lack of available shelf space in a single shop will reduce the number of older titles they can have on display.

Kurisu3730d ago

I live in Plymouth and we have THREE GAME stores and a Gamestation in our city centre! That's a bit ridiculous to be honest as they are all so close to eachother, so I can see why they are closing some.

Dark_Overlord3730d ago

the reason the takeover of gamestation was allowed, was due to game promising that they would still be seperate and compete. Full of sh1t as usual.

Marty83703730d ago

Ther prices far too dear.

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