Another Look At Project Natal (Video)

Another video emerged which shows some new footage of Project Natal.

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the-warriors3128d ago

i feel sorry for FoolStation 3 owners :(

WildArmed3128d ago

aww how cute..
did the lil' 6 year old come up with 'foolstation' all by youself?

Give yourself a pat on the back ^_^

Akagi3128d ago

Bro, I don't know where your mother bought your "Foolstation" from, but it's a cheap knock off. :(

PLAYSTATION 3 is THE console, baby.

Skynetone3127d ago

the most powerful console, ever created by man,

thanks to the overwhelming power of the ps3, nasa are using it to launch space missions, the usa navy use it for there weapons guidance systems, its also used to co-ordinate traffic lights in moscow, but i just use it for gaming

the 360 has the power of a little kids toy

WildArmed3128d ago

meh, still showing the same game.
You know, i hope Natal gets a 'wii fit' of it's own.
Because this time it'll ACTUALLY do some good.
Because wii fit was crap.. and with the camera they can actually track what your doing.
It'd be interesting to see how well 360 fit takes off.

with E3 closer than ever, i'm eagerly waiting for some new games to be shown. Since I'm not really intersted in playing WHACK THAT BALL all day.

Lionhead3128d ago

Yeah seeing the same thing demoed over and over and over again is getting boring.

It makes things all the more interesting for E3 though.

Won't get to see the games til then.

3128d ago
Natsu X FairyTail3128d ago

watched the girls the whole time.

darthv723128d ago

your funny. same comment in almost every natal thread. it makes me laugh.

Triella3128d ago (Edited 3128d ago )

MS you're overdoing it, seriously... hype Natal all you want with paid "celebrities" who'll explain how it is a completely new experience in gaming, but hearing this PR presenting Natal saying that the "technology" (which is only a sooftware that MS didn't even invent and which can be implemented in any depth sensing camera) is seriously considered in the medical field in order to monitor vital signs in chronic diseases is just pure and utter bullshit and completely misleading.

van-essa3128d ago

Fight the good fight warrior.

ThanatosDMC3128d ago

Where's that video of the old lady saying "pow pow pow"?

Christopher3128d ago (Edited 3128d ago )

More advertising fluff. Show some people who rarely play games as it is waving their arms about. Don't ask them if they can see themselves doing this each day. And, then throw in some interviews of people saying that the people there are enjoying the Microsoft funded little shindig while they're people who really don't know squat about the gaming community as a whole or games in general.

I may not give a [email protected] about either HD motion control system yet, but at least Sony isn't circle jerking me with absolutely nothing. It's like Microsoft has decided to become the Wii in its first year and say FU to all the hardcore gamers.

WildArmed3126d ago

lol, you nailed the reason why I watched the video the whole way =p

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rezzah3128d ago

And once again...another vid of balls to the face. Seriously is MS trying to build hype around Natal with this boring game?

All those other videos from the commercial is fake because if it was true, we would of seen various live game footage of those games too.

morganfell3128d ago (Edited 3128d ago )

No, it's a tongue in cheek reveal that they are really putting balls to your face.

It kills me when people say they will pull out the stops for Natal at E3. You mean like last year with the Milo mean video? Later we learned there was no voice recognition merely tone recognition. You could have called that kid every name in the book and he would have responded kindly as long as you had a soft tone voice.

And it was a video = smoke and mirrors...

Be prepared for far worse this E3. If they are afraid to do it live there is a reason.

Godmars2903128d ago

And more "wait till E3" responses.

Including this one.

ape0073128d ago

not too sure about natal and its implementation in hardcore games, I guess it's gonna be very limited

let's just wait and C

Cevapi883128d ago

The title should be "Different Person playing same game OVER and OVER and OVER again....."

and i dont understand why they keep saying its a new look at Natal...its the same look of Richocet or whatever the name of the game is

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