The 5 Most Emotional Moments In Gaming

Irish Gaming Site writes:

"Videogames can be emotional too you know! Sure, Halo might be exclusive to 360 and Uncharted might be exclusive to PS3 but tearjerker moments aren't exclusive to the movies or real life. With more and more games concentrating on the importance of story telling and character definition, there has been much more of a confluence going on between games and film these days than ever before. Emotions run high in videogames, especially in these five titles, all of which capture and epitomize the potential depth and emotional intensity of the videogame idiom. Here, in no particular order, are our 5 most emotional moments in gaming."

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George Sears3104d ago

Argo! *Opera music plays*

Whats even worse is when you whistle for him and he doesn't show up afterwards (for obvious reasons). ;(

Blaze9293103d ago (Edited 3103d ago )

I got watery-eyed when this scene came up and ended:

That song is just so...*sniff* beautiful. They shot em...they didn't have to shoot! Why'd they shoot!? :(

*grabs tissue*

AridSpider3103d ago (Edited 3103d ago )

R..O..F..L! Bubbles f'ing up for making me laugh so hard! OMG! Takes a real man to cry at Final Fantasy huh? HAHAHAA

cmrbe3103d ago

Yes it was but for me was finding out in the end the connection to ICO as well as Argo being alive. That was more emotional to me.

HammockGames3103d ago (Edited 3103d ago )

From the microwave scene through the showdown with Liquid (and shifting identities). Awesome.

For some reason that last fight made me want to sing the tune to "The Love Boat", though. Musta' been the scenery.

Sexius Maximus3103d ago (Edited 3103d ago )

Maybe I'm a little too old school, but Alys in Phantasy Star 4 was heartbreaking.

Redempteur3103d ago

i have to agree for mgs3 ..
the fight in the flowers ..the dialogue ...damn it ..when i pressed the action bouton to kill her it was .... wow trully THE moment that influenced the story in all the other games ...

Myze3103d ago

This is a pretty good list, but I know me personally, I wouldn't have the HL2 scene on there. HL2 and the two episodes are really really good games, but there is nothing all that emotional about the storyline, which includes the part they are talking about.

I would take out the HL2 moment and put in the end of MGS4 (not the very end with *you know who*), the part where they are all having the wedding ceremony and Otacon is talking about the hard life of Snake. People can say what they want about the game now and call it convoluted, too many cutscenes, whatever (never felt that way myself, but could see the point), but it's hard to deny the game had a lot of emotional moments. Of course, it's possible they just didn't want to have more than one MGS moment in the list, in which case I think they picked the best one.

Cevapi883103d ago

No Liquid vs. Snake?? Sad Day

am I the only one who was rooting for Liquid when they were fighting??

ryano232773103d ago

But I definately agree with Heavy Rain (Jason) & MGS3.

As mentioned above, the moment Snake enters the microwaves to rolling credits - can't say enough about it.

The Jason death in Heavy Rain was also very emotional, but I actually felt more emotion in the scene where:
1. You lose Shaun at the park.
2. When you save Shaun from the drain & perform CPR

AhemZasan3103d ago

My wife actually punched me for "letting" him fall.

White-Sharingan3103d ago

...Am I the only one who notices his name is Agro, and not "Argo"?

or was the European/Japanese version Argo?

which would be weird considering there wasn't any voice dub for other countries, and Wander did yell "AGRO!"

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gillri3104d ago

when Ryo Kazuki dads dies in Shenmue, and the ending of okami also deserve to be in there

cmrbe3103d ago

in MGS3 with the single tear drop.

Hellsvacancy3103d ago

Meh list

When Mr 47 "died" in Hitman Blood Money, that was a cryin moment 4-me, nearly a year went by till i realised that theres a different endin, i felt so stupid (im a BIG Hitman fan)

Man In Black3103d ago


AliTheBrit193103d ago

Yeah, I'm a huge hitman fan too, I didnt realise at first you could sit back up - More than anything I was sad because I thought it meant the end of the Hitman series.

Man In Black3103d ago

The ragdolls were actually worse than before, with bodies sliding off tables like butter, and the AI was still pathetic. Plus, 47 walked like he had a stick up his ass :P

Still, I did have a lot of fun using an M4 with drum magazine (but why'd they take the minigun out?!). Also, the mission set in the suburbs was great.

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rezzah3103d ago

great to see mention of SOTC. You know what was also another game that probably should of made the list is FF7:CC.


When the main guy dies at the end, lol I forgot his name.

Myze3103d ago

Honestly, I completely agree and would have Crisis Core over FFVII. It's not as good of a game, but the emotion is far more prevalent. Of course, it's a handheld game, which, like it or not, will keep it off many lists. I'm much more of a console person myself, but there are still a lot of handheld games that deserve far more respect than they receive.

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