Go! Gaming Giant: AiRace Review

From the review:

"For those who have played AiRace: Tunnels, this is the same sort of gameplay but with far more depth. This time, instead of flying through a number of long empty tunnels rife with obstacles, you must face off against opponents in races through various landscapes. The challenging flight of the first game still exists, but the courses are much more open and instead of the typical obstacles from Tunnels, you will have to guide your plane through twisting lanes and tight spaces, all while competing against others. To make things more interesting, in addition to racing, you can also pick up power-ups for defending yourself and taking out the competition. In a way, it is like a more realistic Diddy Kong Racing, but it is more than able to set itself apart."

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omicron0094117d ago

looks pretty cool, but I can imagine it being frustrating.