Refined, polished, punishing: Ars plays Halo: Reach multi

ARS: This is a significant improvement in both scope and execution from Halo 3, with plenty of new things to see and do. You'll be able to play for yourself when the beta goes live on May 3, and I think you'll be just as excited as we were last week. Halo is one of the most popular franchises in gaming, and that didn't happen by luck: even while playing unfinished code the content felt polished, tweaked, and well designed.

Invasion is going to be fun to play online, and Headhunter is a riot if you don't mind a little bit of anarchy. Swordbase is a wonder with the jetpacks-it feels like Boarding Action, but now you have even more power to move vertically. The options here are impressive, and so many play styles and options are presented that it can be slightly overwhelming. Even just looking at the content included in the beta, this is an impressive suite of multiplayer offerings, and the office was filled with the groans, cheers, and good-natured curses as the gaming press learned the game modes and tried out the new weapons. No razzle-dazzle from Bungie-we just sat down and played.

See you online very soon.

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Nineball21123101d ago

Not speaking as a PS3 only owner here... just as a gamer.

This game sounds fun as HELL!

I haven't played much Halo... I've just seen some ppl play it.

I'm not one of the haters, just haven't had the opportunity to really dig into the games.

Based on this preview... man! This game is going to be a blockbuster, I think.