Will Motion Controls Kill Traditional Game Controllers?

All three console makers will be in the motion control business this year, leaving many to wonder: Is this the end of the joypad?

Not at all, according to Microsoft's game division. "Project Natal is meant to complement, not replace, the experiences on Xbox 360," a spokesperson assured me. "The traditional Xbox 360 controller will continue to be fundamental for our lineup of games." In other words, motion controls are a viable alternative.

Sony says the same. "While [motion controllers] have significant advantages and ushered in a new way to interact with consoles, they're clearly not designed to replace the incredibly broad gaming experience [traditional controllers] provide," says Patrick Seybold, a spokesman for Sony. "PlayStation Move was designed to live in harmony with our DualShock3 controller, and offers developers and consumers more options for the type of content they want."

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Speed-Racer3101d ago

IMO, yes...basic evolution of gaming systems....

example on the PC.... racing games have gone from mouse/keyboard to game pad to steering wheel to full blown co.ckpit.... the same will happen to console gaming....more game friendly controllers will be developed, and soon we may not need controllers again...

Nineball21123101d ago

I'm not saying you're wrong, but even if that is the case, I think it'll be a pretty slow evolution and game controllers will still be around for quite a while.

seinfan3101d ago

That is the day gaming will die.

jelydonut3101d ago

In fact.. The nintendo power glove killed controllers so bad that they came back only for nostalgia reasons..

Rich16313101d ago

The last thing I want to do after coming home from work or class is jump up and down flailing my arms around like an idiot. I am usually freakin' burnt out and just want to park my a$$. Call me lazy but 99% of gamers want to do the same thing and you know it.

hatchimatchi3101d ago

No motion controls will not replace traditional gaming controllers.

Case in point,

You have the wii, a console that is marketed as a motion control gaming console.

You have Capcom who develops Monster Hunter Tri, Nintendo helps market the title and the game is waited for with much anticipation.

The game doesn't support motion controls and a CLASSIC controller is totally revamped for this title & comes bundled with it.

Motion Controls are too limited when it comes to certain design aspects.